Fenergo Client and Investor Lifecycle Management automates and digitizes investor interaction events across the entire lifecycle, for Asset Servicing organizations. Fenergo’s global regulatory rules engine helps Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators to ensure a consistent approach to KYC and AML compliance, automating compliance checks where possible and flagging where further investigation might be required.

Automating investor interactions delivers significantly shorter onboarding times, an enhanced investor experience, a single view of all investor data, and greater transparency throughout the lifecycle.

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Aviva Investors has continued to focus heavily on improving our clients’ onboarding process. Implementing Fenergo will mean less onerous documentation requests to our clients, resulting in a faster and smoother experience.

Fenergo Investor Lifecycle Management gives Transfer Agents:

Competitive Advantage

Customer satisfaction with digital experience.

Agile On-Boarding

Shorter time to revenue, more efficient.

Brand Protection

Robust compliance in over 90 jurisdictions.

Cross-Selling Opportunities

360o view of investor data.

Our Solutions

  • Financial Crime & Compliance
  • Onboarding & Origination
  • Remote Account Opening
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Client Data Master
  • Digital Self-Service Channels
Financial Crime & Compliance

AML/KYC & Regulatory Compliance Throughout the Client Lifecycle 

Fenergo Financial Crime & Compliance suite of solutions enables financial firms to comply with a wide range of local and global regulations. It delivers a risk-based approach to compliance, utilizing Straight Through Processing for lower risk cases and managing the rest by exception, enabling firms to focus attention, resources and personnel on higher risk or value-added tasks.

It includes:

  • Enterprise-wide rules-driven compliance spanning 100+ jurisdictions
  • Regulatory surety across AML, KYC, Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR), Tax, OTC Derivatives and Data Privacy rules
  • Automated risk assessments for risk-based AML and KYC compliance
  • Advanced API integrations with leading data and screening providers, and ID&V vendors
  • Visualization tool for 360° view of complex beneficial ownership structures and legal entity hierarchies
  • Compliance by Design, enabling future-proofing against evolving regulations.

Frictionless Onboarding for Loan Origination

Fenergo’s Onboarding & Origination solution enables financial firms to offer a digital, streamlined and frictionless account opening and onboarding process to their clients. The solution spans the entire account opening process from initial origination to all legal and credit approval processes to account set-up.

Fenergo Onboarding & Origination delivers:

  • Omni-channel customer journeys that accelerate client onboarding
  • Smooth, digitally-orchestrated client journeys through all approval processes (sales, credit, legal, account set-up)
  • End-to-end visibility across the onboarding process for all stakeholders
  • Out-of-the-box API integrations with data repositories and front-end systems
  • Intelligent document management enabling relevant information to be extracted from documentation and applied to the client profile
  • Digital client outreach, empowering customers to update information or request new services easily.
Remote Account Opening

Digital-First Account Opening

Fenergo’s Remote Account Opening solution is a pre-configured, digital-only service. It allows financial institutions to digitally onboard clients in compliance with regulatory guidance, leverage the latest digital technologies and continue to mitigate the risk of financial crime. This pre-configured digital service seamlessly integrates with your existing account opening process and reduces the time to onboard and rapidly processes new account requests remotely.

Fenergo’s Remote Account Opening solution delivers:

  • Pre-Configured Regulatory Rules
  • Plug-and-Play Account Opening
  • Dynamic, Digital Data Collection
  • End-to-End Digital Client Journeys
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Real-Time Recognition, Extraction & Classification of Document Data

Fen-Docs is an intelligent document automation solution that enables real-time recognition, extraction and classification of data from documents, reducing costly manual processing, and simplifying Client Lifecycle Management events. The documents processed can be in different formats, such as text or image-based documents.

Fen-Docs enables financial institutions to:

  • Upload documentation through a combination of ingestion points (single and bulk uploads, email uploads etc.)
  • Automate classification of documents and extract relevant data through OCR and NLP
  • Auto-home documents by auto-linking documents and/or data to their legal entity or client profile
  • Train and hone the system to identify documents and define relevant information in line with organizational policies and procedures
  • View documents and add annotations in a user-friendly manner.
Client Data Master

Clean, Centralized, Correct Client & Counterparty Data 

Fenergo Client Data Master is a centralized master data system that seamlessly integrates with multiple leading data and screening providers, as well as a host of KYC utilities around the world. It provides a single view of clients and investors via an integrated data model that promotes re-use of client and counterparty data across a financial institution’s front office, operational and regulatory systems, resulting in significant efficiencies and cost savings.

Fenergo Client Data Master enables financial institutions to:

  • Implement an API-first approach to data integration and centralization, promoting future re-use of up to 80% of client and counterparty information
  • Capture data at source and augment it with data from multiple providers
  • Integrate with a wide range of industry data and screening providers, regulatory utilities and internal data stores
  • Cleanse, remediate, match and merge with both in-flight and verified data
  • Manage conflicting data, challenge, compare and update the data
  • Provide a true, real-time 360° view of client or investor for greater regulatory compliance.




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Digital request management solution empowers clients to self-serve  

Fenergo Client-Connect is an advanced client-facing portal designed to digitalize client service requests, providing your financial clients and investors with the ability to digitally interact with their financial services provider and perform a raft of activities in a secure and convenient way. Its user-friendly interface enhances client / investor experience, improves operational efficiencies, and reduces the time, cost and effort involved in collecting data and documentation from clients.

With Fenergo Client-Connect, your clients and investors can:

  • Apply for new products / services and open new accounts
  • Submit new or updated client information (e.g. new address, new associations, updated company formation etc.)
  • Have more control and transparency over their data
  • Communicate conveniently with their banking provider.

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