Centralized Data Management

Re-use up to 80% of client and counterparty data


Fenergo Centralized Data Management is a centralized master data system that helps banks to acquire, validate, store and distribute legal entity/client data across product/business lines and jurisdictions.

A single client view of all legal entity data forms the backbone of rigorous regulatory compliance. Fenergo arms financial institutions with clean, centralized and correct legal entity data, positioning them for enhanced and efficient regulatory compliance across a range of KYC, AML, tax and OTC derivative regulatory frameworks and trade reporting requirements.

With Fenergo Client Data Master financial institutions can:

  • Re-use up to 80% of client and counterparty data;
  • Seamlessly integrate with a host of front-end and client-facing solutions to ensure a smooth process;
  • Effectively manage and centralize data to maximize re-use for cross-sell and up-sell;
  • Ensure compliance throughout the client lifecycle through any and every channel.
We can help make integration and implementation much more successful by preempting some of the challenges that are likely to arise and having answers for those and ways of working with the client to get through those.
Heather Adams
Managing Director, Accenture Finance and Risk