Streamlined Digital Client Orchestration

Across multiple channels, business lines and jurisdictions 

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management provides a truly streamlined, digital client orchestration solution to enable the delivery of a quick and efficient client onboarding process for both new and existing clients.

Fenergo CLM guides the client journey through multiple channels (online, digital, mobile, branch etc.) and through all the various functional stakeholders (sales, onboarding, KYC and compliance, credit, legal, tech & ops) to ensure a quick, efficient and compliant client onboarding process.

The Fenergo workflow engine provides an end-to-end workflow management tool that manages all sub-processes and workflows that need to be executed to bring a client from initial take-on through to all the various stages of approvals and requests for information, and perform data refreshes, conduct ongoing due diligence and use the centralized data to support upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Broader and deeper than a BPM or generic workflow solution, Fenergo CLM Orchestration comes out-of-the-box and allows financial institutions to capture complex, cross-border requirements in a single case.

This straight-through process solution delivers a single, global transparent view of the client record across multiple business lines and jurisdictions, providing enhanced visibility of the client onboarding progress across front office and back office and facilitating key re-use of client information for future lifecycle events (product origination, client reviews, maintenance, offboarding etc.).

Fenergo CLM Orchestration enhances operational efficiencies gained through a reduction in system hand-offs, integration, rekeying and duplication of data, resulting in reduced time to onboard and an improved time to revenue.


  • Single Client View

    A single client view across Client Lifecycle Management, KYC, Research, Screening and Financial Crime

  • Enhanced Efficiencies

    Reduced manual handling and improved re-use of client information for reduced time to onboard and faster time to revenue.

  • Client Experience

    Enhanced client experience through single client record, client outreach features and auto-email categorization (23% operational time savings)

  • Out-of-the-Box Integration

    Out-of-the-box integration to all the major external data providers under the KYC, AML and Tax headings.



Self-Service Client Portal

Fenergo Self-Service Portal is a secure, cloud-based, multi lingual portal designed to automate, streamline and expedite the Regulatory Client Outreach process, significantly reducing the effort and time lag involved in collecting data and documentation from clients.

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Banking on the Cloud for Client Lifecycle Management Regulatory Client Outreach & The Path to Compliance

In this paper, we explore the core operational and internal challenges that currently make the process of Regulatory Client Outreach a logistical nightmare for financial institutions.

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