Transfer Agents & Fund Administrators

Fenergo Client & Investor Lifecycle Management enables Transfer Agents & Fund Administrators to deliver a digitalized, enhanced client and investor-led lifecycle experience by digitally transforming manual compliance processes into user-friendly, automated end-to-end workflows. Equipped with a number of real-time dashboards, Fenergo provides a snapshot-view of summary and detailed information across the business at any one time.

Uniquely designed in partnership with our financial services client community, Fenergo Client & Investor Lifecycle Management enables Transfer Agents and Fund Administrators to place both the client and the investor at the epicentre of all business processes.

The end-to-end solution delivers consistent, regulatory-driven, digitized workflows underpinned by a true 360º Client and Investor view, reducing manual effort and ensuring full compliance throughout the client and investor lifecycle.

Some key features of the workflows include Fenergo’s sophisticated Legal Entity Hierarchy Manager (which gives a full illustrated view of all of association types and ownership structures) and Fenergo’s Automated Risk Assessment (which enables multiple risk models and easily configurable risk factor weightings).

Benefits for Transfer Agents & Fund Administrators:

  • Simplified Client & Investor Onboarding

    Streamlined orchestration of Investor journeys across multiple functions, business lines and jurisdictions

  • Enhanced Client & Investor Experience

    Empower Investors with Digital Self-Service Channels with secure data and document exchange, Digital ID&V and eSignatures

  • Compliance by Design

    Streamlined Rules-Driven Compliance across AML, KYC, Tax and Data Privacy with Automated Screening

  • Improved Revenue Generation with Regulatory & Brand Protection

    Re-use existing data and documentation for future Client and Investor onboards, cross-sell and upsell purposes (360º Investor View)

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