The Low-Code / No-Code Solution

Be Self-Reliant, not Code-Reliant with Fenergo Digital Configuration Studio: The Low-Code / No-Code Solution for Your Client Enablement. 


Every financial institution has its own unique requirements, preferences and technology environments. As a result, configuring out-of-the-box solutions is key to ensure an exact fit to your business needs.

Fenergo Digital Configuration Studio gives financial institutions more control than ever before, letting you take ownership of the industry-leading Client Lifecycle Management software and make the changes you want, when you want them – without complex coding.

This solution allows Fenergo clients to lead from the front on day-to-day routine changes as well as deeper, more project-specific requirements.


  • Import and export of function modules
  • Graphical user interface (no need for developer tooling or skills)
  • Schematic and hierarchical views of solution modules
  • Linked, interactive modules for an intuitive user experience
  • Instant testing and analysis of changes
  • Web-based utility for rules management
  • Self-service troubleshooting


  • Be self-reliant, not code-reliant

    by making your own changes, in your own time

  • Faster and cheaper implementations

    with real-time testing and validation and lower technical overhead

  • Instant visual validation

    with schematics and diagrams for do-it-yourself troubleshooting

  • Fully linked modules

    for a streamlined, intuitive configuration process

Go Code Free with FenergoHow it works


Highly-Configurable Product


Set of Integrated Tools


Products kept in a central Configuration project delivery Model


Code Free Configuration meets Technical Customization


  • Fenergo Digital Configuration Studio: The Low-Code / No-Code Solution for Your Client Enablement

    Explore how Fenergo Digital Configuration Studio empowers financial institutions to take ownership of Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solution without needing to rely on complex coding

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