Fenergo Compliance Backbone

Enterprise-Wide Omni-Channel Compliance

Automated regulatory compliance powering standardization and efficiency across all channels, geographies and lines of business.

Fenergo Compliance Backbone is an enterprise-wide solution powered by our best-in-class Regulatory Rules Engine, enabling financial institutions to digitalize their client journeys from end-to-end and streamline the management of global regulatory requirements.

Fenergo Compliance Backbone helps global financial institutions to effectively manage regulatory requirements, data and document management and omni-channel digital client experiences.

With Fenergo Compliance Backbone, financial institutions can:

  • Eliminate manual human interpretation of regulatory requirements;
  • Deliver consistent, seamless client experiences with an external portal and CRM integrations;
  • Effectively manage data and document requirements and enhance client records with third-party data integrations;
  • Digitalize the end-to-end client journey with advanced technology for a humanless and frictionless approach;


  • Consistent Centralized Compliance

    across any branch, region, or channel

  • Frictionless Client Journeys

    for a drastically improved, low-touch client experience

  • Single Rules Engine

    or effective cross-border compliance

  • Automation and Straight Through Processing

    powered by centralization and re-usable data and documents

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Fenergo Compliance Backbone

Fenergo Compliance Backbone applies our Client Lifecycle Management technology across your institution, enabling you to effectively implement a global regulatory policy with seamless local uplift.

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Building a Compliance Backbone

Download the whitepaper where we examine the drivers for adopting a more digital approach to compliance across all jurisdictions and how global or multi-segment FIs can automate risk assessment and leverage technology to streamline compliance and reduce manual processes through the entire client journey.

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