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Implementation Process

Implementation Process

Fenergo's client-proven implementation process is designed to help you realize the benefits of Fenergo’s award-winning solutions as quickly as possible.

5 Step Implementation Process 

Step One – Project Evaluation & Initiation

Our project team will work with you to draw up a detailed project plan covering all the key deliverables, accountabilities and success criteria. It will take into consideration not only the product configuration but the integration of our products into your business processes. At the end of this process, we will draw up a project charter based on the specific requirements of your institution, which will guide the subsequent implementation stages.

5 Step Implementation Process

Step Two – Project Definition & Analysis  

Project definition is made up of three core streams – business and technical discovery, requirements gathering, business process analysis, and workstream definition and planning. In collaboration with you, we will determine the end-to-end project scope and business requirements. We will define the overall project architecture, governance, communication plans, resourcing and timelines to ensure successful deployment. Finally, we will work together in defining the data mapping from source systems, matching processing and interfacing with upstream and downstream systems, along with the strategies for system testing and training within your environment.

Step Three – Product Customization

During this step, our team will focus on the implementation of our product, starting with the installation of the standard product to validate project architecture. Once we have completed these steps, our professional services team will configure the modules within the product to match the requirement agreed in scoping. 

Step Four – Testing & Training 

Integration testing will be performed on sample data and, once validated, the fully configured product will be installed with system and integration testing taking place in advance of the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase. Testing will include localization, integration, migration and workflow assessments.

At this stage, we will work with you to install the fully configured product into your acceptance environment. Once you have validated that the Fenergo-configured software meets your business requirements as defined during the Definition step, we will train your business and technical administration users to enable acceptance testing to begin. Finally, we will prepare all the project documentation ready for handover and go-live.

Step Five – Go-live & Support

Following acceptance, our project teams will commence the handover to our dedicated Client Support Team and will be on-hand, if required, to provide follow-on support post-acceptance. 

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