Implementation Process

Fenergo's client-proven implementation process is designed to help you realize the benefits of Fenergo’s award-winning solutions as quickly as possible.

Fenergo’s aim is to ensure a resilient and smooth transition process for our clients. To meet this objective, we deliver best in class product functionality and we offer best in class delivery and execution capability.

To achieve a smooth implementation process for our Clients, we have developed a well-defined methodology, the Fenergo Way. 

Our approach represents an evolution of industry methodologies and best practises and our experience of delivering our CLM platform across various financial institutions. The aim of the overarching Fenergo Implementation approach is to provide:

  • Predictability of outcomes
  • Flexibility in approach at execution level to account for differing client environments
  • Mitigation of risk through strong governance models

Fenergo Way consists of five consecutive stages. Each stage has agreed key outcomes, milestones & checklists to progress to the next stage. This approach is underpinned by a team of project managers dedicated to continuous project management, focusing on the objective of the project outcomes and delivering a quality solution. Our continuous project management approach reflects that planning is not a one-time activity at the beginning of a project. It is an iterative activity, developing from outline to increasingly detailed plans, in successive stages over the course of a project.


Stage One – Discovery

The objectives of the Discovery stage are to agree on the project vision, define the broad scope of the project and agree on an agile implementation plan. Discovery is a consultative stage, where the Fenergo team will collaborate closely with the client to develop a shared understanding of the overall project. With this understanding the project team can define the overall project architecture and construct an implementation plan that defines each phase of the implementation, including estimates on the duration of each phase, resource requirements and cost.

Stage Two – Mobilization

The main objectives of the Mobilization stage is to initiate the project post the Discovery stage by ensuring the Fenergo and client environment and tools are in place, defining and assembling the Fenergo and client team, constructing the initial design documentation on the solution and refining the project scope and timelines from the Discovery stage.

Stage Three – Execution

This stage is focused on the implementation of our product and is comprised of a series of agile iterations to define, configure and validate alignment with our client requirements. The approach is to split requirements into smaller cycles and each cycle gets designed, developed and tested in repeated iterations until there is a fully functional software application ready to be deployed.

Stage Four – Transition

Following the delivery of the final iteration in the execution stage, the implementation process progresses to the Transition Stage. The transition stage includes formal integration and user acceptance testing by the client, on the clients dedicated testing environments, that the Fenergo configured solution meets the business requirements.  In this stage, the Fenergo team will support the Client in their transition from delivery of the solution to prepare for release to production with ongoing training and documentation.

Stage Five – Closure

The focus is to ensure that the Fenergo solution has been successfully deployed into production with the relevant production support mechanism in place.

Our implementation approach is predicated on delivering real business value as soon as possible. With this recognition of future projects to leverage the ongoing investment by Fenergo in our product, this stage provides an opportunity for reflection and for the identification of lessons learned to aid those subsequent projects.

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