Fenergo University

Fenergo University empowers our clients, partners and employees to optimize their competencies in using and deploying Fenergo software solutions, promoting best practice, repeat-ability and quality in every client project.
Fenergo University

Fenergo University is designed to empower our clients, partners and employees to optimize their understanding and competencies in using and deploying Fenergo software solutions.

Training Programs

Delivered by a global team of Fenergo Subject Matter Experts, Fenergo University offers a wide-range of training courses and certification programs either in a traditional classroom setting, or via live / on-demand e-learning programs. These training courses include: 

  • Technical courses – designed to create a more self-sufficient client by empowering in-house developers to reconfigure areas of the Fenergo solution to suit internal processes and procedures (such as screen design, workflows and risk assessment rules).
  • Functional programs - aimed to support the project teams and end-users to ensure a smooth rollout within their organization and to maximize usage of all Fenergo’s features and capabilities.
  • Regulatory streams - to provide guidance on how Fenergo meets full regulatory compliance obligations across various jurisdictions.
Certification Programs

As part of our commitment to provide high quality training programs, Fenergo offers an assessment-based certification process. Built around scenario-based learning, these programs include technical lab work, real-world case study based problem solving, group work and online exams. Established learning tracks route Fenergo University students up the knowledge path from introductory, intermediate and advanced programs.

A Community Approach to Learning

Fenergo University provides our clients and partners with access to various online communities, where they can avail of the most up-to-date, relevant and interesting material, where content and learning can be easily shared and where they can leverage the wisdom of the entire community.  

For more information on Fenergo University, please email the following [email protected]