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Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solution enables Private Banks & Wealth Management firms to onboard complex, high net worth individuals compliantly & efficiently.

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management delivers sophisticated and superior features, functionality and processes that help private banks/wealth management firms to:


Ensure global and future-proofed Regulatory Compliance

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) determines the HNW client’s regulatory journey through the onboarding process, ensuring compliance with all in-scope regulatory obligations across Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Suitability Rules, tax compliance (such as FATCA, CDOT and CRS) and OTC Derivative Regulations (such as MiFID II and AIFMD etc.).


Achieve centralized and optimized client data management

The solution identifies all the data and documentation that is required to be collected and processed to evidence the compliance process, removing a lot of the guesswork currently involved. As part of this, the engine is designed to search all connected databases and repositories for existing client attributes that can be used as regulatory evidence, saving the time and hassle involved in contacting clients to resubmit content. It also manages, stores and extracts data from client master agreements and appends this to the client’s record.


Integrate seamlessly with data providers and KYC utilities

Fenergo’s Data Integration Manager integrates with leading data providers and KYC utilities to consume, process and route client data to the right internal systems, enriching the client data records accordingly. This helps to create a single client view of all relationships, associations, directorships and ultimate beneficial owners related to the HNW client, helping your private bank to calculate accurately the size of the risk of doing business with that individual.


Deliver positive client experiences

Fenergo’s solution can re-use up to 75% of existing client and counterparty data for future onboarding and regulatory compliance obligations, enhancing operational efficiencies and promoting positive client experiences, paving the way for future product onboarding (up-sell, cross-sell) opportunities.


Ensure HNWI Compliance for Life

Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle Management solution enables Private Banks / Private Wealth firms to ensure continued compliance throughout the client’s lifetime with them. The solution is capable of responding to event-data, which, depending on its material significance, can trigger a compliance review and refresh. It also performs regular KYC and suitability reviews and provide a Capacity Management tool to ensure the process is adequately resourced.




Digitalizing the Client Lifecycle for Global Wealth Management

In this paper, we examine the core challenges facing the private banking / wealth management sector – namely challenges around Regulatory Compliance, Client Data Management and the Client Onboarding Experience.

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Client Lifecycle Management for Private Banking

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management enables Private Banks and Wealth Management firms to onboard complex, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) compliantly and efficiently.

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