Private Banking - Wealth Management

Digitalize complex client onboarding processes and deliver a streamlined client experience across the entire client lifecycle.

Fenergo digitalizes the client lifecycle management process for private banks and wealth managers into a fully automated, seamless and efficient process that significantly enhances the HNW client experience.

Fenergo CLM delivers the following benefits: 

Streamlined Client Experience: Frictionless, Digital Client Journeys
  • Enhance collaboration across the front, middle and back office 
  • Expedite processes across the client lifecycle with centralised client data 
  • Provide clients with secure data and document exchange through digital self-service channels 
Increased Operational Efficiency across the Client Lifecycle
  • Reduce the need for human interaction and allow simpler integration to current and future multi-channels with Straight-Through Processing
  • Ensure that all processes are designed around automation and integration with Process Master 
  • Capture, visualize and analyze complex ownership structures in an intuitive and user-friendly manner with Hierarchy Manager
Improved Revenue Generation with Regulatory & Brand Protection 
  • Ensure future-proofed regulatory compliance across your organization with a single platform to manage all compliance and KYC regulations 
  • Automate the regulatory review process and enable continued compliance with in-scope regulations throughout the client lifecycle
  • Gain a greater competitive advantage through faster onboarding times and increased client referrals
  • Improved Client Experience
  • Faster Time to Revenue
  • Increased Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Regulatory & Brand Protection

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Digitalizing the Client Lifecycle for Global Wealth Management

In this paper, we examine the core challenges facing the private banking / wealth management sector – namely challenges around Regulatory Compliance, Client Data Management and the Client Onboarding Experience.

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Client Lifecycle Management for Private Banking

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management enables Private Banks and Wealth Management firms to onboard complex, high net worth individuals (HNWIs) compliantly and efficiently.

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