Asset Management & Asset Servicing

With rapidly evolving client needs and increasing regulatory burdens, the global asset management industry is now turning its focus to delivering excellence in the client experience.

Fenergo, the No. 1 provider of Client Onboarding & Regulatory Compliance solutions for asset management firms, transforms the client onboarding experience. Our world-class Client Lifecycle Management solution manages the end-to-end client journey through every client event from initial onboarding and regulatory compliance, to future product onboarding and ongoing and event-driven reviews. 

Fenergo CLM delivers the following benefits: 

Improved Commercial Capability 
  • 2 weeks time to revenue 
  • 40% reduced IT overhead 
  • 34% audit-related cost savings 
Enhanced Client Experience
  • 82% faster onboarding delivering a valuable and positive first impression
  • 75% re-use of existing client data for future regulatory requirements or business opportunities 
  • Reduced requirement for unnecessary data requests from clients
Greater Operational Efficiencies 
  • 45% improvement in client outreach efficiencies with Client Connect 
  • 37% efficiencies on KYC Reviews and Refresh programs 
  • 360º single global client view.
Brand Protection

Digitalizing And Optimizing The Client Onboarding Experience

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    Download the Fenergo Client Onboarding & Regulatory Compliance brochure to learn how Fenergo can work for your Financial Institution.

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  • Transfer Agents & Fund Administrators

    Fenergo Client & Investor Lifecycle Management enables Transfer Agents & Fund Administrators to deliver a digitalized, enhanced client and investor-led lifecycle experience by digitally transforming manual compliance processes into user-friendly, automated end-to-end workflows.

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Fenergo CLM SoftwareSolution Delivers:


of existing client data can be re-used


reduced IT overhead


single global client view


improvement in client outreach efficiencies with Client Connect

Fenergo CLM for Asset Management

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