Client Risk Rating

Fenergo Client Risk Rating enables banks to undertake comprehensive risk assessments to better understand the AML & KYC risk exposure of their entire client base, a segment of clients or an individual client.

Fenergo Regulatory Onboarding supports enterprise-wide AML risk profile analysis, measurement and risk assessment by providing powerful insights into client and counterparty data that effectively identifies, measures and mitigates money laundering risks.

The solution incorporates the formal completion of a calculated risk rating for the client in-line with standard FATF guidelines and configured in-line with the financial institution’s internal risk calculations and weightings.

1. Accurate Risk Measurement

Fenergo Risk Assessment fuses sophisticated workflow functionality with robust regulatory compliance capabilities to streamline initial and recurring risk assessment review processes. Risk is measured across a number of risk-rated categories such as jurisdiction/geographic risk, client risk, industry risk and product risk.

Fenergo Regulatory Onboarding captures the data and documentation pertaining to each category and assigns a risk rating to each. This data and documentation is derived from the institution’s Customer Identification Program (CIP) and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) / Know Your Customer (KYC) information, and can be re-used and reviewed to uncover varying levels of risk that may exist within each category.

The risk rating results are then presented for consideration to Anti-Money Laundering (AML) teams to support the determination of the level of AML compliance required (i.e. standard or enhanced level of due diligence).

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  • Sophisticated Workflow

    Fenergo risk assessment fuses functionality with robust regulatory compliance capabilities to streamline initial and recurring risk assessment review processes.

  • Improve Time to Revenue

    Expedite client onboarding and ensure best-practice compliance with our rich regulatory rules engine and sophisticated workflow capabilities.

  • Enhance Client Experience

    Provide a more consistent, digital experience across all customer-facing channels powered by a seamless, 360-degree view of each client.

  • Solve Regulatory Obligations

    Ensure compliance with a wide range of global and regional AML, KYC and Tax regulations across the entire length of the client lifecycle.



Regulatory Client Outreach & The Path to Compliance

Explore the core operational and internal challenges that currently make the process of Regulatory Client Outreach a logistical nightmare for financial institutions.

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Know Your Customer

Fenergo Know Your Customer offers a risk-based approach to KYC compliance that efficiently focuses resources on higher risk clients and ensures lifecycle compliance with global and local KYC regulations.

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