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Navigating KYC Requirements: The Nordics in Focus

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Navigating KYC Requirements: The Nordics in Focus

Part 1: Core Regulatory Challenges in 2018

Global banking is currently undergoing a regulatory, technological and operational metamorphosis and financial institutions in the Nordic region have not been unaffected. 

Since 2008, banks in the Nordics have successfully weathered the financial crisis amid some of Europe’s toughest regulatory demands. In recent years, however, Nordic banks have faced increased regulatory scrutiny with regard to their anti-money laundering controls, resulting in the imposition of significant monetary penalties on some of the region’s leading banks.

In this environment of increasingly stringent regulation and rising compliance costs, many Nordic banks are now beginning to re-examine AML and KYC compliance as key areas of digital transformation. They are actively looking for technologies that can provide efficient processes to streamline data management and regulatory compliance, whilst delivering a positive client experience every time.

In the first part of our Nordics in Focus series, we explore:

  • The key regulatory challenges facing Nordic banks - Increased Regulatory Scrutiny, Operational and Digitalisation Challenges & Impacted Customer Experience;
  • The true cost of operational and technological inefficiencies across the client lifecycle;
  • How each of the five-member countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Iceland) measures up from an AML and KYC compliance standpoint.


Download Part 2: Embracing Digital Transformation Across the Client Lifecycle 

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In the second part of our two-part Nordics in Focus series, we explore how financial institutions can digitalize the client lifecycle process to ensure compliance, increase operational efficiency and deliver a superior client experience

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