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Know Your Customers, Know Your Data

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Know Your Customers, Know Your Data

Meeting challenges around regulation through creating flexible data governance frameworks. This paper is based on recommendations made by the industry experts who participated in the webinar “Overcoming KYC & Regulatory Challenges in Client Data Issues”, hosted by Fenergo. 

In the current financial landscape, an abundance of new regulation, as well as stricter enforcement of previously existing regulations, puts significant challenges in front of banks around compliance. In order to identify and strategize solutions around these issues, Fenergo assembled a panel of regulatory compliance experts, each with a successful history of managing various regulations and compliance processes.

They each expressed their personal views on the largest challenges and opportunities in the space. Speakers include:

 About the Author 

Joe DunphyJoe has deep banking and regulatory knowledge and maintains the currency of knowledge in this ever-evolving industry by taking an active lead in Fenergo’s Client Advisory Boards and industry roundtables and forums.


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