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Global AML & Sanctions Fines 2008-2018: U.S. in Focus

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Global AML & Sanctions Fines 2008-2018: U.S. in Focus

April 2018

Over the past ten years, regulators across the U.S, Europe and APAC regions have issued nearly $30 billion dollars in AML/KYC and sanctions-related fines.

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent high-profile scandals, global regulators are increasingly putting banks’ AML and KYC procedures under the microscope. This is clearly reflected in the significant monetary penalties that have been imposed on financial organizations worldwide for anti-money laundering violations.

Fenergo has conducted an in-depth analysis of the evolution of anti-financial crime enforcement worldwide, drawing on ten years of AML, KYC and sanctions fines data research.

In our U.S in Focus paper, you will learn:

  • Which U.S regulators have fined the most over the past decade;
  • What year witnessed the highest fines issued since the financial crisis;
  • The international jurisdictions which have faced the most scrutiny from U.S regulators.


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