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Cross-Jurisdictional Regulatory Compliance & Entity Data Management - Aite

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Cross-Jurisdictional Regulatory Compliance & Entity Data Management - Aite

Fenergo and Aite Group recently hosted a webinar on research conducted in the area of Cross-Jurisdictional Regulatory Compliance & Entity Data Management. 

If you missed this, here’s a snapshot

  • KYC Regulations and global OTC Derivative Rules are of most concern to financial institutions
  • Financial institutions are dealing with tactical fixes with only some strategic elements
  • Functional KYC centralization is trending
  • A partially centralized and manually-dominated Tier 1 global bank can save US$14.4m per year
  • Most FIs surveyed have no formal process in place to identify inefficiencies in KYC and onboarding lifecycle
  • Main critical success factors for change include:
  • Data aggregation support
  • Lifecycle management
  • Validation and controls
  • Central access to documents. 



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