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Powering Digital Compliant Client Lifecycle Journeys with AI

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Powering Digital Compliant Client Lifecycle Journeys with AI

Fenergo’s CTO, Niall Twomey, was joined by Lada Chu, Vice President, KYC Program Head at Investors Bank, Austin Wells, Watson Financial Crimes Offering Manager at IBM and Michael Dawson, Managing Director at Promontory Financial Group to discuss the ideal mix of technologies, process and people that combine to create a successful and digital Client Lifecycle Management process.

This webinar also featured a live demonstration of IBM Client Lifecycle Management with Fenergo solution.


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In this webinar, we discussed:

  • The right solutions to deliver enterprise-wide financial crime and compliance
  • The data and systems integrations that can create a centralized, end-to-end client lifecycle ecosystem
  • How OCR and NLP technologies can extract relevant information from documentation and attach to client profiles
  • Reduced need to perform customer outreach for data collection through API integration with leading data and screening providers and digital data and document captured, coupled with intelligent document processing (OCR, NLP)
  • How integrations with ID&V and eSignature technologies can deliver truly digital and remote client onboarding


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