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Transforming the Corporate & Institutional Client Onboarding Journey

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Transforming the Corporate & Institutional Client Onboarding Journey

Over the past ten years, the focus in corporate and institutional banking has largely been on regulatory compliance and stemming the tide of regulatory change. However, there is now a definitive drive towards digitalization – specifically in terms of client onboarding and the management of clients throughout their lifecycle. Convenience, speed and flexibility are no longer considered attractive add-ons; they have become a standard expectation of the rapidly evolving customer-bank relationship.

In Fenergo’s recent webinar on Transforming the End-to-End Client Onboarding Journey for the Customer of Tomorrow, a panel of industry and regulatory experts explored how corporate and institutional banks can effectively transition from manual, paper-based onboarding processes to an automated, efficient and cost-effective digital framework.

This paper includes a high-level summary of some of the talking points from the live session, centering on how to digitally transform the end-to-end customer onboarding process.

Download your copy of the report to learn:

  • The key trends shaping the digital transformation of client onboarding in C&IB;
  • Why real-time continuous KYC is the new target state for financial institutions;
  • How to integrate internal and external systems through APIs to create a full client lifecycle ecosystem

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