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The Pursuit of Self-Sufficiency in Digital Transformation

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The Pursuit of Self-Sufficiency in Digital Transformation

With customer experience now the main driver behind technology and business decisions, financial institutions are coming under renewed pressure to innovate and outperform competitors. However, even their competitors have shifted shape and now not only include the newer breed of financial services delivered by digital-first challenger banks and fintechs, but increasingly include non-financial services firms such as Amazon and Instagram. As a result, financial institutions need to become more adept at innovation and become empowered to make changes and break down the walls to customer service innovation.

This paper examines some of the key themes debated during a recent webinar hosted by Fenergo on the topic, “The Pursuit of Self-Sufficiency in Digital Transformation”. Themes explored include the current trends in digital transformation and how a self-sufficiency model can deliver an enhanced client experience. The webinar also featured a live demo of Fenergo’s newly-launched Digital Configuration Studio, which supports transformative client enablement.


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