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Digitalizing the HNW Client Onboarding Journey in Wealth Management

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Digitalizing the HNW Client Onboarding Journey in Wealth Management

Client experience has become the new battleground for Wealth Managers – indeed, today’s High Net Worth (HNW) client expects a frictionless digital banking experience and they are willing to experiment with non-traditional banking offerings to gain this level of service.

As the first touchpoint in the client relationship, the onboarding process is a critical opportunity for banks to create a lasting impression. However, many organizations are struggling to deliver a best-in-class client experience.

In Fenergo’s recent webinar on Digitalizing the HNW Client Onboarding Journey in Wealth Management, a panel of industry experts explored the current challenges facing private banking and wealth management firms with respect to client onboarding.

In this post-webinar report, we examine how wealth firms can transform client onboarding for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) and maximize returns.

In this report, you will also learn: 

  • How to deliver a fast, frictionless client onboarding experience for HNW clients; 
  • Why data and technology integration are critical to streamlining operational processes;
  • The benefits of deploying new technologies, including OCR and RPA, for improved CX and greater efficiencies

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