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CLM Industry Trends Report Series 2019: Part Three - Disrupt The Disruptors

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CLM Industry Trends Report Series 2019: Part Three - Disrupt The Disruptors

The third of Fenergo’s three-part CLM Trends report series looks at how the technology driving finance and regulation is pushing financial institutions toward digital client lifecycle management (CLM).
This report is based on findings from Fenergo’s CLM survey, which unpacks the sentiment of global decision-makers towards five key areas of client lifecycle management – initial and lifecycle compliance, data and document management, client and product onboarding, digitalisation and the evolution of the CLM ecosystem.
Key Highlights from the report:
  • 15% of financial institutions Surveyed have fully automated the collection of client data
  • 33% of banks surveyed have not invested in any technology to improve client onboarding
  • 26% of senior managers surveyed said standardizing and simplifying processes is a crucial benefit of CLM
  • 20% of respondents surveyed said that the maturity of their technology infrastructure is preventing them from investing in new technologies 
The survey was conducted between 250 C-suite executives across data, technology and compliance, within the commercial, business, investment and corporate banking in the UK and Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia Pacific and North America.
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