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Delivering Digital Client Onboarding for Better Client Experience

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Delivering Digital Client Onboarding for Better Client Experience


Fenergo and Accenture join forces to present a target operating model for how commercial and business banks can design their digital client journeys from end-to-end to deliver a better client experience throughout initial client onboarding and throughout the entire client lifecycle.


In this podcast, you'll learn: 

  • The top trends in digital transformation and client experience 
  • Expected regulatory changes in 2019/2020 impacting Client Lifecycle Management 
  • Target Operating Model: How to design and implement a frictionless, straight through client journey from initial onboarding to ongoing lifecycle management, including the key digital technologies that will make this happen e.g. eSignatures, digital ID&V, biometrics etc. 
  • Live Demo: What a digital, well-orchestrated and connected Client Onboarding & Lifecycle process looks like



Conor Coughlan - Chief Marketing Officer, Fenergo

James Follette - Global Head of Commercial, Business and Retail, Fenergo

Rachel Woolley - Global AML Manager, Fenergo

Jonathan Jones - Principle Director, Accenture

Philippe Guiral, Managing Director, Accenture


To learn more about Fenergo's Client Lifecycle Management solutions check out our solutions page here.


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