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Optimizing KYC Client Reviews For Efficiency & Control

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Optimizing KYC Client Reviews For Efficiency & Control

Client Profile:

Our client provides investment banking, asset management and wealth management services to private, corporate and institutional clients worldwide.

Client Requirement:

For our client, the KYC client review process was manual, cumbersome and inefficient. It took on average 27 hours to complete the KYC review process for one medium-risk client. The increasing volume and associated costs of regulatory obligations forced the Bank to explore alternative options to solving this challenge.

Fenergo Solution:

Fenergo’s Client & KYC Remediation solution was implemented to help automate the KYC client review process and alleviate some of the stress placed on the process through streamlined compliance workflow process which allowed them to gain as much efficiencies and control over the KYC client review process.

To read more about the success of this Client & KYC Remediation implementation, please download the case study below.


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