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Client Lifecycle Management for Capital Markets

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Client Lifecycle Management for Capital Markets

The Client:

Our client is the Capital Markets division of a global US Tier 1 financial institution, which provides investment management services to institutional investors, with asset classes spanning foreign exchange, equities, fixed income and derivatives.

Client Requirement:

With separate data, regulatory and operational teams for each asset class, our Capital Markets client was characterized by duplication of effort which elongated time to revenue and increased the overall operational cost of business. Furthermore, in the face of increasing and impending regulations - such as Dodd-Frank, FATCA, EMIR, MiFID II - the cost of managing this inefficient approach was in danger of increasing exponentially in tandem with the rising volumes of data and regulatory obligations.

Download the case study to find out how this Capital Markets client solved their regulatory, data and onboarding obligations on a single platform. 


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