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Client Lifecycle Management for Commercial & Business Banks

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Client Lifecycle Management for Commercial & Business Banks

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables commercial and business banks to deliver a modern, digital experience to clients, from any channel of their choice. By digitally transforming back-to-front office operations, banks can ‘delight’ customers with a truly optimized, efficient and better client experience all the way through their lifecycle.

This brochure will include information regarding Fenergo's...

  • Multi-channel, Digital Client Onboarding
  • Automated Data & Document Capture & Integration
  • Transformative, Straight Through Processing & Orchestration
  • Client Digital Channels
  • ID&V (identity and verification) providers Technologies
  • eSignature Capabilities
  • Global Regulatory Rules Engine
  • Community-Based, Future-Proofed Compliance

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