EMEA Edition | Regulatory Fines Report 2020

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Fenergo’s annual Regulatory Fines Report on Financial Institution Enforcement Actions examines the trends and events in Europe and the world that triggered a 27% increase in penalties to financial institutions and their employees during 2020.

Enforcement actions throughout 2020 were spread evenly across the EMEA region. The EMEA regulators issued a marked reduction in fines from the previous year, which saw a record fine of $5.1 billion by a French court to a Swiss bank in 2019.

Key findings include:

  • Total penalties issued by EMEA regulators amounted to $1 billion
  • Swedish regulators issued 55% of the total value of fines levied in the EMEA region
  • Financial institutions in EMEA were fined $8.2 million for GDPR violations
EMEA - Regulatory Fines Report 2020

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