Regulatory Rules Engine

Fenergo Regulatory Rules Engine brings together - in one repository – all the content, intelligence and rules required to support best practice compliance with global AML/KYC, Tax and OTC derivatives-based regulations

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape is forcing financial institutions to solve multiple regulations and compliance rules simultaneously. Each of these regulations dictate a different set of data, documentation and regulatory classification requirements, putting increased pressure on already stretched compliance, data management and onboarding teams.

Fenergo Regulatory Rules Engine provides an out-of-the-box repository of rules, which can be easily configured by financial institutions to future-proof against evolving regulatory and operational requirements. The Rules Engine supports the regulations required for investment, corporate and private banks to be compliant, including: 

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  • Drive Digital Transformation

    Gain agility and maximize operational efficiency by centralizing onboarding and client lifecycle management across multiple jurisdictions and lines of business.

  • Improve Time to Revenue

    Expedite client onboarding and ensure best-practice compliance with our rich regulatory rules engine and sophisticated workflow capabilities.

  • Enhance Client Experience

    Provide a more consistent, digital experience across all customer-facing channels powered by a seamless, 360-degree view of each client.

  • Solve Regulatory Obligations

    Ensure compliance with a wide range of global and regional AML, KYC and Tax regulations across the entire length of the client lifecycle.



Implementing Rules-Driven, Risk-Based Regulatory Onboarding and KYC Processes

Fenergo has developed a sophisticated Business Rules Engine (BRE), which brings together regulations across global jurisdictions in one engine to support the KYC, due diligence and regulatory classification requirements across the main banking centres globally.

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Regulatory Rules Engine

Fenergo Regulatory Rules Engine is a standalone out-of-the-box repository of rules that helps financial institutions comply with immediate regulatory obligations and future-proof against evolving regulatory and operational requirements

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  • Regulatory Onboarding for Global / Capital Markets

    Fenergo’s Regulatory Onboarding solution was ultimately implemented to automate, streamline and standardize regulatory onboarding processes, data and documentation across six business segments.

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  • The Path to Client Lifecycle Transformation is Paved with RegTech

    While regulatory compliance will remain at the forefront of banking operations, RegTech has enabled financial institutions to manage this and lead the change towards a better, more efficient and client-centric way of doing business.

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  • MiFID II: 6 Key Changes for CLient Lifecycle Management

    With a little over six months to go before MiFIID II must be implemented, Laura Glynn, Fenergo Director of Regulatory Compliance, examines the impact that this wide-ranging regulation will have on client onboarding and client lifecycle management processes for banks in Europe and all over the world

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