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Regulatory Rules Engine

Regulatory Rules Engine

Fenergo Regulatory Rules Engine brings together - in one repository – all the content, intelligence and rules required to support best practice compliance with global AML/KYC, Tax and OTC derivatives-based regulations

The ever-evolving regulatory landscape is forcing financial institutions to solve multiple regulations and compliance rules simultaneously. Each of these regulations dictate a different set of data, documentation and regulatory classification requirements, putting increased pressure on already stretched compliance, data management and onboarding teams.

Fenergo Regulatory Rules Engine frameworksFenergo Regulatory Rules Engine provides an out-of-the-box repository of rules, which can be easily configured by financial institutions to future-proof against evolving regulatory and operational requirements. The Rules Engine supports the regulations required for investment, corporate and private banks to be compliant, including: 

Based on a few key data points (legal entity type, jurisdiction, legal entity role, booking entity and products), the Fenergo Regulatory Rules Engine dictates

  • all the regulations that need to be supported;
  • the data and documentation that need to be captured;
  • the KYC questions that need to be answered;
  • the risk assessment that needs to be undertaken;
  • the classifications that needs to be completed.  

By understanding the data and documentation needs upfront for all clients, financial institutions can ensure a faster onboarding process, with fewer requests for information from clients.

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Regulatory Rules Engine

An intelligent fusion of all the embedded content, intelligence and rules required for best practice compliance.

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