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Regulatory Onboarding

Regulatory Onboarding

Fenergo combines an intelligent Regulatory Rules Engine with sophisticated Compliance Workflow, Document Management and Case Management capabilities to deliver a fully optimized Regulatory Onboarding process

Fenergo Regulatory Client Onboarding provides a single integrated platform that enables financial institutions to onboard new clients or new products efficiently in compliance with a broad range of regulatory obligations.

Its sophisticated Regulatory Rules Engine brings together - in one repository – all the embedded content required to support best practice compliance with global AML and KYC regulations and a growing number of tax (FATCA, CRS, UK CDOT), global entity classification and OTC derivatives-based regulations (such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR and Canadian and APAC derivative rules), as well as market reform rules (MiFID II), during the client onboarding and ongoing client maintenance processes. 

Fenergo regulatory onboarding orchestrationFenergo’s rules-driven workflow engine provides an end-to-end workflow management tool that manages all sub-processes that need to be executed to bring a client from initial take-on through to all the various stages of approvals and requests for information that they need to go through to be onboarded (across Front Office, Compliance, Credit, Legal, Tech & Ops). This greatly speeds up the time it takes to onboard a new client (or new product for an existing client), enhancing overall client experience and improving time to revenue. 

Fenergo Regulatory Client Onboarding helps institutions to take a ‘horizontal’ approach to achieve the highest level of compliance across all regulations, while introducing key operational efficiencies, eliminating the need for costly add-on modules or heavy IT requirements and, ultimately, reducing the total cost of compliance.

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Regulatory Onboarding

Onboards new clients or new products efficiently in compliance with a broad range of regulatory obligations.

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