If you have a cloud-first strategy, then Fen-Cloud is the deployment for you! 

Deploying CLM
in the Cloud.

Fen-Cloud is a cloud-managed service offering that hosts Fenergo’s Client Lifecycle & Journey Management solutions in the cloud. 

With Fen-Cloud, your financial institution can deploy all your client lifecycle and journey management processes – from initial client onboarding to KYC and regulatory compliance, to ongoing client and account maintenance – in the cloud. Fen-Cloud empowers financial institutions to quickly get their CLM solutions up and running, while still maintaining the flexibility of customer-specific configuration, interfaces, and automating and streamlining processes for a fully optimized client journey throughout the client lifecycle.

Fen-Cloud enables financial institutions to reduce the total cost of ownership for IT infrastructure, is customizable and provides elasticity and scalability to fulfil expanding requirements and enable you to ramp up new initiatives quickly.

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Fast & Flexible Deployment

Fen-Cloud is deployed on a virtual private cloud and leverages cloud best practice with a secure and compliant foundation, utilizing 3rd Party security tools and Cloud Native Security which aligns closely to customer security and compliance standards, including data level encryption at-rest and in-flight.

Best-in-Class Framework

Fen-Cloud is built to the AWS well architected framework, which is designed to be highly available and scalable. Leveraging infrastructure as code ensures that deployment times are vastly reduced, and environments are delivered quicker than in traditional on-premise implementations. Fen-Cloud offers best practice cloud infrastructure encapsulating key features including Data Management, Contingency Management, Policies & Internal Governance, Identity & Access Management, Incident Management, Compliance & Monitoring Measures. 

Strong Cybersecurity

Fen-Cloud is built with cybersecurity at the fore. Fenergo leverages multiple security measures to ensure data on Fen-Cloud is secure. Measures include, encryption, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software, a 24×7 security operations centre (SOC) and many more. 

Fenergo is a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management, AML/KYC Compliance and Client Data Management solutions.