OTC Derivatives

Fenergo OTC Derivatives Compliance enables banks to comply with global and local OTC Derivative obligations such as Dodd-Frank, EMIR and Canadian & APAC-specific OTC Regulations.

OTC Derivatives Reform & Compliance

In an effort to enhance transparency in the over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives market, promote financial stability and support the detection and prevention of market abuse, the Group of Twenty (G20) nations agreed to introduce a series of regulatory reforms. These OTC Derivative regulations promise sweeping changes for all financial institutions, fundamentally altering the structure of the OTC derivatives market and impacting the way financial institutions conduct their business.

Specifically, this chaotic regulatory landscape has the potential to significantly affect the operations, data capture technology, workflows and operational efficiencies of financial institutions across the world. 

OTC Derivatives Across the World

Fenergo supports investment banks and capital market firms to navigate through the challenges and comply with the obligations of global and local OTC Derivative regulations such as:

Fenergo promotes a rules-driven, risk-based approach to managing multiple, cross-jurisdictional regulatory, data and documentation obligations simultaneously. It achieves this by identifying and leveraging synergies across regulations. In this way, up to 70-80% of the regulatory compliance obligations can be met with a cohesive effort (across data, documentation, technology), leaving only a small delta to be managed. By streamlining the regulatory, data and documentation processes, Fenergo’s Regulatory Compliance and Regulatory Onboarding software solutions help financial institutions to remove a lot of the complexity around OTC derivative reform, enabling them to:

  • achieve compliance,
  • avoid reputational risk and financial penalties;
  • maintain competitive advantage.