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Marc Murphy

It’s been a busy and fruitful quarter for Fenergo and one in which we have continued to make headway in building out our market leading Client Lifecycle Management franchise and expanding our global footprint.

Global Expansion

Our global team has now exceeded 650 employees located across each of our major centres, including Asia (Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and Noida), Europe (Dublin, London, Madrid and Poland), North America (Boston, New York and Toronto), and South Africa. We continue to invest in our APAC division and are delighted to announce the hiring of our new VP of Professional Services, Gert Berghmans, and the appointment of our new APAC Regulatory Manager, Kellie Fitzgerald. Both will be based in Sydney, with Kellie running the APAC Regulatory Forums going forward.


Global Client Council

In June, we gathered together 70+ senior regulatory compliance professionals from 26 different banks for our second annual Global Client Council. The theme of this year’s Global Client Council centred on the “Future of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)” in which we explored the technologies and strategies being deployed by banks around the world to make CLM a more compliant and efficient process. Some key takeaways from this event for me were:


Our mission with our monthly community forums, regular roundtables and annual global client council is simple: to bring together peers from different banks as one team to solve challenges that are common from bank-to-bank. These forums enable colleagues and peers from different banks to collaborate and learn from each other and implement best practice in their organizations. That’s what makes Fenergo special!

Building the Client Lifecycle Ecosystem

At the Client Council, we heard from Craig Butterworth, Global Head of Client Ecosystems from Nomura, who described the process of enabling true digital transformation across front-, middle- and back-office systems by creating and shaping the ecosystem of applications and solutions from fintech / regtech firms that enable the end-to-end process to take place. This involves internal integration between systems and data repositories, and integration with external data and technology providers.

Scaling and Investing with Partners

Both Accenture and Salesforce were proud sponsors of Fenergo’s Global Client Council this year. Of course, we’ve collaborated with Accenture numerous times during the past 12 months, notably with a roundtable roadshow in the Nordics, as well as our recent Tokyo Roundtable.

In FY19, Fenergo will be increasing its investment in products, processes and people. This means that we want to deliver the industry best practice solution in Client Lifecycle Management technology faster and more cost-efficiently for our clients. We will achieve this in the following ways:

  • by partnering with key organizations (we have recently hired Julian Clarke as our Global Head of Partners & Alliances to spearhead this development);
  • by offering more cloud-based solutions that will speed up the time to deliver;
  • by launching a new Configuration Studio to enhance self-sufficiency thereby enabling banks to make changes to the solution outside of code.


New Solutions – Coming Very Soon

Like many of our banking clients, Fenergo is on the journey of digital transformation. We have a great line-up of new solutions ready to go-to-market in the coming weeks. These exciting new features and functionality include

Fenergo Salesforce Integration App 

This new innovation enables data to be smoothly channelled from the world’s No. 1 CRM system (Salesforce) into the world’s No. 1 Client Lifecycle Management solution (Fenergo). We’ll be publicly launching this solution in the coming weeks.

Client Connect

This is a powerful, secure digital channel that enables banks to collect data and documentation from clients quickly, securely and conveniently, helping to support a fully optimized KYC and client onboarding process. 

More on these announcements in the coming weeks.


Sibos 2018

Fenergo is a proud sponsor of Sibos in Sydney this year. If you are planning on attending, please let us know. I will be there along with a team of Fenergo Subject Matter Experts, who will be on-hand to deliver live demos of the latest innovations and CLM technologies.

I hope to meet you there and share some of my personal experiences in helping banks achieve regulatory compliance, greater efficiencies and better client experience through automation.


Marc Murphy

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