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Niall Twomey
Chief Technology Officer

Fenergo continues to focus on content development, platform build-out and creation of new, smarter digital channels. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been working on.

Innovation Update

Innovation is a process of discovery and finding new ways to create value. That’s why we’ve created a new Fenergo Innovation Team under the expertise of Karl Seagrave, product manager. The FIT team is multi-disciplinary team, tasked with delivering business innovation through smarter digitalization and automation technologies to enable scale in Client Lifecycle Management (CLM).

The remit of the team is to explore and experiment with latest technologies to solve some of the most difficult problems in CLM. Mainly it aims to redesign the process to remove as much redundancy and manual processes as possible. The trends are clear: digitalization, omni-channel, automation, AI and robotics will reshape how financial institutions manage data and empower them to refocus high value resources on more client centric processes.

Managing AML Risks

The first active project that is underway is about discovering better ways for banks to manage AML risks via the automation of enhanced hierarchy manager controls. A hierarchy manager prototype was unveiled at our recent Client Council event to overwhelmingly positive and constructive feedback from our client community.  Driven by this validation, the team is powering forward in its plans to mature and deploy the new controls into the core Fenergo product.

Document Processing & AI

Upcoming projects include further addressing documents processing and, in particular, more ways in which to leverage AI technologies for advanced extraction and automation of structured and unstructured documents.

Innovation Community Portal

The Innovation Portal is a new community site that will be launched in the near future, giving clients direct access, visibility, and opportunities to contribute to the innovation portfolio and roadmap, as well as providing a space to submit ideas, feedback and collaborate on projects. We’ll keep you posted on this development.

For any further information or details, get in touch with Karl at [email protected].


Improved Client Installs

There are a number of initiatives underway to improve the client install process. We continue to grow the Client Installs Team and the v8 installation process continues to advance in tandem. The aim here is to deliver Fenergo in a more scalable, smoother and faster way. Clients who have participated in the new processes have noted improved install experiences, accelerated by self-sufficiency. Of course, standardization of documentation and procedures has helped to streamline the overall install process, allow us to replicate implementations easily.

The other change in this area is the creation of the Fenergo Delivery Framework (FDF), a complete solution that automatically packages, configures and deploys the Fenergo application. It is now being used by the Client Installs team as a standard component of implementations and the feedback from clients that have adopted this is that it improves reliability, predictability and speed of deployments.

Deployments can be installed into either test or production environments. Fenergo utilizes FDF internally for our R&D continuous deployment pipelines.  

FDF is continuously evolving, with the most recent release incorporating tokenization capability that allows easier integration with industry standard orchestration tools. FDF is used by the Client Installs team as a standard component of implementations.


Niall Twomey 

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