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A Focus on Client Success

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Rob Henley
Director of Customer Success

In direct response to the positive feedback we are receiving from the client community, we continuing to expand the CSM team which in turn has led to more efficient product roadmap engagement. The CSM team have also facilitated A Customer Success Workshop this quarter.

CSM Team Growth

Fenergo continues to build out the team with exceptional talent and are thrilled to welcome Rachel Whelan as Customer Success Manager (CSM) for the APAC region. Whilst it is a new role for Rachel, she has been with Fenergo for almost five years in different areas of the business, most notably the Product Consultant practice in APAC. Rachel brings with her a depth of Fenergo product knowledge and business expertise, which will be used to deliver excellent results for our growing portfolio of Asia-Pacific clients.


Product Roadmap Engagement

Supporting the Product Roadmap process continues to be a key area of focus for the CSM function.

The Product Management team has recently launched a new prioritization model for our global client base, which aims to capture and document the key areas of the product development that are most important to our client community. The CSM team will work closely with Product Management to host a series of deep-dive meetings with clients over the next few weeks, where we will showcase our current Product Roadmap plans and ask clients to rank the most important ones for their organizations’ success.

This will then be reviewed in the newly launched Fenergo Roadmap forum and validated amongst our global client base. We’ll keep you posted on this initiative.


Customer Success Workshop

In April, the Global Customer Success Team (Mick Furlong, Rachel Whelan, Ian Murray and myself) conducted the inaugural Customer Success Workshop, which aimed to develop a clear view of what we need to do to position Fenergo as the sector’s standard setter in customer success, client engagement, technology adoption/ROI, and product and program enablement. The main areas of focus were:

  • Customer Health Analysis
  • Marketing and Events Management
  • Client Self-Sufficiency
  • Product Roadmap and Release Alignment
  • Product and Project Collaboration
  • Customer Support and Client Operations
  • Salesforce and the CSM Fenway Space.

Throughout the two-day session, we had very productive discussions with all teams/departments involved. There was a high level of collaboration and knowledge sharing which will help lay some of the foundations to our envisioned global customer success strategy. Some of the results that have already stemmed and are work in progress from our workshops are:

  1. An updated approach for measuring the overall health status of a client, taking metrics and input from Project, Product and Support.
  2. An enhanced and collaborative approach to event management - delivering on the philosophy of our community model by ensuring that appropriate attendees from our clients are registering for our events.
  3. Introduction of the CSM team and our global strategy to many of the departments across the company.
  4. A review of Fenway and plans to make our space a source of information and support for our team and all others who work collaboratively with us.
  5. Scheduled follow-up sessions with specific departments to define strategy around self-sufficiency, the installation process and customer support metric measurement.
  6. Working on a number of follow-up proposals that CSM feel would benefit Customer Success across the Knowledge Management, Product and Regulation teams and customer alignment.
  7. Supporting the Product Team in the rollout of the new Product Roadmap strategy, which will better align customer requests to product releases, providing greater transparency of when client needs will be met both internally and externally. 

The workshop proved to be a valuable learning experience for all involved. The feedback from all teams has been positive and it gave us a valuable insight in to the evolution of all teams in our company.

If you’d like more information on our client community, please email [email protected].


Rob Henley

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