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Management Intelligence & Analytics

Management Intelligence & Analytics

Fenergo Management Intelligence & Analytics transform Client Lifecyle and Compliance data into powerful views and actionable insights in real-time

Fenergo’s Management Intelligence & Analytics suite helps financial institutions to efficiently measure and manage the end-to-end client lifecycle process, illustrating a fully auditable process at any given point-in-time.

This suite of advanced reporting and dashboard functionality provides real-time visibility of data and processes across regulatory compliance, onboarding, client data and document management and ongoing due diligence and client maintenance. Easy to use and configure, Fenergo Management Intelligence & Analytics gives financial institutions the ability to slice and dice data on-demand, enabling deep data and process analysis to take place.

Fenergo Dashboards – Enhanced Visual Analytics at a Glance

Fenergo’s Management Intelligence & Analytics suite comes equipped with a suite of powerful, content-rich dashboards that enable financial institutions to transform data into actionable insights through visual analytics that make data impactful! Fenergo’s suite of out-of-the-box dashboards provide a high-level overview of key performance metrics, illustrating case, workflow and regulatory activity at a glance.

Fenergo Reporting – Pre-Defined & Customized Reporting & Analysis 

Fenergo’s Management Intelligence & Analytics suite offers several out-of-the-box reports, with the ability to customize or build new reports with easy-to-use Report Builder tools. The pre-defined reports can span a number of areas including user activity, case overview and progress, client overview, compliance status and risk assessment etc. The solution provides a drill-down facilitate for reports, as well as a full audit history of all activities with date- and time-stamps, which is extractable via a report.

Fenergo Management Intelligence & Analytics can easily integrate with the full Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management solution suite, as well as the bank's other internal systems to push updated data to these systems.

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Management Intelligence & Analytics

A powerful suite of data analytics tools to enhance real-time insight and measurement of Client Lifecycle Management.

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