Global Research Report on Financial Institution Fines and Enforcement Actions

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Fenergo has published its latest analysis of global regulatory fines for AML, KYC, sanctions, MiFID and data privacy violations against financial institutions.

The results outline trends in regulatory fines since the last report in 2018 and draws comparisons with activity from the previous 12 years.

The results of our analysis are a clear sign that with the rise in financial crime, the unrelenting march of regulation shows no sign of abating. Between October 2018 and December 2019, regulators across the US, Europe, APAC and the Middle East have levied over USD $10 billion in financial penalties against financial institutions for AML/KYC and sanctions-related violations and a further USD$82.7 million for data privacy and MiFID violations. For AML, KYC and sanctions violations, global financial institutions have paid out over USD$36 billion in fines since the financial crisis in 2008.

Check out our interactive infographic which will show a global and regional perspective of regulatory enforcements from 2008 to 2019. Simple and easy to use, you can select any region on the infographic for more detail on financial penalties imposed on financial institutions in that region.

If you would like to download our Global Research Report on Financial Institution Fines and Enforcement Actions, click here.


Top 4 Highlights

  • 2019 was the second-biggest year in history for fines with USD$8.4 billion levied against global banks

  • Fines related to AML, KYC and sanctions violations increased by 160% since Fenergo’s last report

  • France issued the biggest single fine at USD$5.1 billion to a Swiss bank

  • US regulators continue to hit foreign banks hard, fining European banks 10 times more in USD$ than those handed to US banks



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Another Fine Mess: Analysis of Global Financial Institution Fines

Fenergo hosted a webinar featuring our subject matter experts and The Dark Money Files presenters, Graham Barrow and Ray Blake, where they dissect these findings and offer new insights into global financial enforcement trends and the drivers behind them.

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AML, KYC and Sanctions Fines for Global Financial Institutions Top $36 Billion Since Financial Crisis

2019 brings an additional $10 billion in fines for non-compliance with AML, KYC and sanctions regulations as post-financial crisis impact bites.

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