Webinar: KYC, AML & Transparency for Cryptocurrencies & Initial Currency Offerings (ICOs)

Date: 25th of September

Time: 2pm BST / 3pm CET / 9am ET

KYC, AML & Transparency for Cryptocurrencies & Initial Currency Offerings (ICOs)

This webinar is based on the latest market research into the challenges facing institutions, issuers, exchanges & investors in determining viability & suitability, for investing in crypto-currencies, ICOs and derived offerings. How can we solve the KYC, AML & transparency challenges? So that this new asset class can mature, open up to institutional investors and play a more value adding role for society & the global economy. Fenergo will share their market research findings, discuss and debate the topics with crypto professionals & RegTech professionals. This webinar aims to:

Our market experts, will also answer any audience questions via our pre-event poll and real-time Q&A session.

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Moderated By



Conor Coughlan, Global Head of Marketing, Fenergo

Conor leads Fenergo's global marketing, public relations, and business development strategy and teams. He previously worked for Thomson Reuters for 6.5 years leading the marketing for their investment, data and risk businesses. He is also a top 10 #Regtech influencer.




Andrew DelaneyAndrew Delaney, Editor in Chief & Analyst, A-Team

Andrew he has been involved in information gathering and dissemination around financial markets IT since 1987. He joined A-Team in 2002, prior to this, Andrew built a financial information distribution platform aimed at the off-trading-floor marketplace. He also spent time with Waters Information Services, Banking Technology magazine & The Wall Street Journal.




Xavier Gomez

Xavier Gomez, Founder & COO, INVYO

INVYO is a SaaS company that uses machine learning and Natural Language Processing to help financial institutions see tomorrow's opportunities in Fintech. Xavier is also Co-Editor-in-Chief at Techfoliance powered by INVYO, a global provider of Fintech insights & analysis. As a banker, he has been sharing his vision of the sector with industry pioneers over the past 18+ years as Director and Treasurer, Head of Advisory and Structured product sales at Credit Suisse.



Laura GlnnLaura Glynn, Director of Global Regulatory Compliance, Fenergo

Laura has significant knowledge and experience in the areas of risk and compliance. Having worked with hedge, mutual and private equity products across multi-jurisdictional platforms, Laura has developed a strong competency in AML and regulatory compliance.