Digital Connected Client Experience

Fenergo Client Lifecycle Management delivers frictionless digital client journeys achieved through STP, advanced APIs and robotic automation, OCR and AI

The financial services industry is a hive of digitalization activity, with every financial institution undergoing some level of digital transformation to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Fenergo is at the forefront of this activity, helping our clients digitalize front, middle- and back-office tasks to create back-to-front efficiencies that translate into fast, efficient and compliant customer service.

Fenergo CLM achieves this by seamlessly managing all client journeys from any channel (mobile, online, branch) through a sophisticated digital orchestration process that effectively navigates the customer through every internal stakeholder and approval process, delivering simple, consistent and personalized customer experiences, and faster time-to-revenue for the institution. 

Connecting the Ecosystem

A central theme in the drive towards financial services digitalization involves connecting the end-to-end ecosystem of providers that make up the client lifecycle. In addition to centralizing (or federating) client data across our clients’ organizations, Fenergo provides advanced APIs to connect them to a wide range of external data providers (AML, KYC, industry, entity data providers), data aggregators and utilities.

Our out-of-the-box APIs also connect all bank channels (website, mobile, client portal, branch), technologies (CRM, compliance, internal data repositories, external data providers, downstream systems) and teams (onboarding, compliance, data, legal, credit), creating a straight-through ecosystem that delivers a single client view and fully orchestrated client journey.

Accelerating Innovation with New Technologies

Financial institutions around the world are investing heavily in new innovative approaches designed to streamline processes to become more efficient so as to deliver a superior, faster and engaging experience to clients.

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Delivering ROI

  • 82% faster client onboarding;

  • Ability to re-use 75% of existing client data/documentation

  • 37% headcount efficiencies on KYC reviews

  • 80% reduction in regulatory change management costs



Self-Service Client Portal

Fenergo Self-Service Portal is a secure, cloud-based, multi lingual portal designed to automate, streamline and expedite the Regulatory Client Outreach process, significantly reducing the effort and time lag involved in collecting data and documentation from clients.

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Banking on the Cloud for Client Lifecycle Management Regulatory Client Outreach & The Path to Compliance

In this paper, we explore the core operational and internal challenges that currently make the process of Regulatory Client Outreach a logistical nightmare for financial institutions.

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