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Niall Twomey
Chief Technology Officer

At Fenergo, we continue to grow the Fenergo R&D function with special emphasis on content development, platform build out, and digital channels capabilities.

At Fenergo, we continue to grow the Fenergo R&D function with special emphasis on content development, platform build out, and digital channels capabilities. Outside of core product capabilities, we are also investing to improve our agile and DevOps capabilities. Our DevOps strategy continues to mature, and it was the subject of a recent CTO forum with clients. Internally, we are constantly reviewing our application lifecycle management tooling to determine how we can optimally manage the planning, development, quality assurance, build and deployment processes across the lifecycle. Applying the mnemonic CALMS (Culture, Automation, Lean, Metrics, Sharing) throughout each of the DevOps disciplines, Fenergo continues to improve its design, development, and implementation capabilities. The CALMS Model supports our goal to deliver value to our customers by streamlining software flow, sharing knowledge and staying “lean.” “Culture” actually refers to the philosophy across the company to embrace change. In fact, a “DevOps mindset” dictates to continuously seek improvement. One of the key goals of “Automation” is to create a method for replication, or “Infrastructure as Code.” Being “Lean” keeps the end-user experience at the forefront of our efforts, avoiding the introduction of unnecessary add-ons or overly complicated components. “Metrics,” obviously enough, reminds us to measure; and to measure everything. Finally, “Sharing” underscores one of Fenergo’s core pillars: collaboration. Fenergo held a DevOps thought leadership event as part of our regular technology forums, and the material is available upon request.

Through the Client Operations team, we deploy the Fenergo deployment framework in client environments. The goal is to automate the deployment process across single and multi-node environments and integrate through the use of orchestration tools that provision systems and applications within the technological enterprise. Better automation means less errors, reduced time to provision the application, and elimination of any backlog of software scheduled to be deployed into production.

More specifically, a key tool in our strategy is the deployment of Agile within the Research and Development areas. We continue to utilize and recruit Scrum Masters and to use Agile Ceremonies to strengthen collaboration. The use of cross-functional teams across the Feature and Platform groups has proven to improve quality and speed up delivery. Our insertion of several test points throughout the Development, Provision, and Deployment phases continues to yield dividends.

A survey was conducted by Release Management for the Professional Services team on the latest release with the goal to illicit feedback on release events. One of the more significant take-aways is the positive reviews on Deep-dives, strongly indicating that with some minor tweaking, even more value can be derived from the practice.


Fenergo continues to enhance the digitalization of the client lifecycle process. We have expanded the number of integrations to third party data utilities, including the upcoming Salesforce native application for RMs to interact with Fenergo. Our Client Connect solution for end-client engagement for data and document capture will enrich the client experience. Innovation has always been a key element in enhancing our CLM offering. Recently, we held an annual hackathon and utilized client engagement to establish a set of real-life business use cases to be solved.

The main topics explored were document automation; better approaches for processing large volumes of hierarchical data; and how Fenergo can integrate within a client’s RPA landscape. The Innovation Team has taken a subset of these topics and is collaborating with clients to evaluate various ways to increase automation and intelligence throughout the CLM lifecycle.

Niall Twomey 

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