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Andy Mantzios
VP of Professional Services

This past quarter has been especially busy for professional services, specifically in bringing clients into production, continuing to build out our regional support centres, and streamlining internal processes for business specifications and implementations.

In our continued efforts to fortify our regional support centres, we have established procedures based on best practices and have created specialized teams to assist clients across all implementation and upgrade phases as well as providing ongoing support.  We have developed and delivered new functionality to a wide range of existing clients and are undertaking many new implementation projects.

Regional Centres

In Europe, we have finalized the Upgrade Factory, which will streamline clients’ upgrade paths and allow them to seamlessly migrate to current versions of the Fenergo solution. The team is currently transitioning one of Fenergo’s first clients to the most current release with two similar projects planned for the near future. We continue to reinforce our dedicated teams for Quality Assurance and Development, adding key hires across both disciplines.

We have also grown the Development Team in North America, ensuring the creation and delivery of region-specific functionality.

In order to meet the expansion and success of our efforts in the APAC region, we have identified a Development Lead who will be an essential part of the regional team.

In Dublin, we have established a new Design Authority for complex requirements and integrations to provide appropriate levels of design and implementation governance.


For one of our global, Tier 1 bank clients, we rolled out a new release into production that includes new functionality as well as significant enhancements to existing features.  Enhancements introduced are in the areas of Global Client Lifecycle Management (GLCM) and credit workflows, extended integration points, client consent, the case management dashboard, and the extension of the Fenergo platform to RMs and sales team.

One of our first clients benefited from upgrades to the International Financial Institution (IFI) onboarding functionality and the completion of bank-specific integration requirements to a third-party data provider.

We are also working on the final preparations for production roll-out for several clients.

Fenergo University

We continue to see enrolment to Fenergo University grow at a rapid pace, offering development programs to clients, partners, and staff.  For clients, these integrated and independent modules provide support through each phase of the implementation: from discovery to post-implementation support.  For partners, Fenergo University allows them to visualize and understand the integration between their solution and services and our own.  For staff, the university provides a means to develop in-house expertise on subjects as wide ranging as regulatory compliance, project methodology, and technical configuration.

Going Forward

As Fenergo enters its new fiscal year, preparations and planning are already well underway for new implementations, client upgrades, additional partner integrations, and the roll-out of new features.  I am confident that we have the proper team, tools, and methodologies in place to meet each one of our delivery commitments and look forward to a productive year. 

Andy Mantzios 




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