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Niall Twomey
Chief Technology Officer

Over the last 12 months, the R&D department has increased by over 60% demonstrating our commitment to attracting new talent, we have also seen an increase in interest from a portion of our clients in adopting public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure etc.

One of the primary goals we have as a company is to continue our commitment to invest heavily in our product. Investment in new technologies is an important part of keeping the product best-in-class, but just as important is investing in the people who drive the product forward. Over the last 12 months, the R&D department has increased by over 60% demonstrating our commitment to attracting new talent. Some hires of significant note include:

Laoise  Murphy, who has assumed the role of VP of R&D Engineering. Laoise is responsible for driving Fenergo’s software engineering strategy and delivering engineering excellence and quality in the development of the Fenergo Core Product Suite. Laoise joined Fenergo from Citibank, where she spent 7 years, most recently as Senior Vice President leading the delivery of Citi’s next-generation online and digital corporate banking applications.

Fran Meggs has taken on the role of Director of Strategic Tools, leading our Configuration Studio team. His core goal in 2018 is to make the product easier to configure through a rich configuration studio. Fran has a rich background delivering and using such capabilities in products such as Sage CRM, Salesforce and other CRM solutions.

Colin Sweeney is taking over a new area called Client Operations. We created a Client Operations team because we know that environment setup and application deployments are key interaction points between Fenergo and our clients’ operations teams. This is an area where there is huge potential for achieving operational efficiencies, reducing time to deploy the application and removing error-prone, manual processes. Client operations is essentially the Fenergo automated build and deployment framework, which can deploy the Fenergo packages across the various topology variations. We are on a journey to make sure we are compatible with the vast array of environment provision and application deployment technologies available.

CLM in the Cloud

Over the past 18 months, there has been a marked increase in interest from a portion of our clients in adopting public cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Azure etc. Other clients want the option of a hybrid environment where the ability to run on a private cloud can be combined with public cloud offerings for the purpose of elasticity and scalability. Clients that are adopting the public cloud as part of their infrastructure are doing so to take advantage of improved time to provision environments, best-in-class tools to setup and monitor environments, and greater flexibility around the ability to dynamically scale infrastructure in response to peak loads. To support these clients, Fenergo has, in recent months, added AWS and Azure support as a deployment option. This allows us to offer Fenergo solutions running on a private cloud, public cloud or a hybrid solution. For more information on cloud options for CLM technology, please read my recent whitepaper on the topic.

Salesforce Integration

Some other technology areas we are investing include making the Relationship Manager’s (RM) experience richer through the creation of a Salesforce native application. The native application will act as a prism through to the Fenergo application, exposing the part of the CLM that pertain to RMs. The application is being developed with best-in-class standards through a Salesforce partnership program.

Innovation Stream

Innovation is the key to transforming the CLM process. Our dedicated Innovation Stream is focused on automating the tasks that are manual today with the aim of making processes far more efficient than they currently are. This includes focusing on areas such as documentation (extract data held in documents, intelligent document recognition), data management (consuming structured and unstructured data in a more efficient manner), natural language processing, the application for machine learning and highlighting areas for automation through advanced analytics etc.

Fenergo CTO Forum

A final note on Fenergo's Technology forum. The technology forum brings together technology leaders across our client organizations to discuss trends in the industry and how the Fenergo product should address those trends. We will be announcing our dates for 2018 Technology Forums. If you would like more information on these, please email [email protected].



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