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Defining Next Generation CLM

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Joe Dunphy
VP of Product Management

2017 has been an incredibly exciting year for us in terms of the Fenergo product. It is wonderful to see the level of collaboration within the growing community of banks working with Fenergo and the increased product development capacity within the company. When we bring these two things together, the potential to transform this industry is obvious and we are incredibly grateful for your continued support.

As we look back on the year and ahead to the next one, there are a few areas I would like to focus on.


The product redesign was the culmination of 18+ months of Fenergo R&D investment and delivers a new, flexible metadata-driven framework based on React.js for building complex user interfaces through configuration. This is a modern best practice framework used by Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and many other companies and lies at the heart of a User Experience transformation for the product and, ultimately, for bank users and clients.

The UX team who worked on the redesign  are now a permanent design practice in the Product Management team and have ongoing oversight of all new implementations to ensure best practice user experience.

In addition to the UX enhancements, the new framework provides an advanced technology architecture that delivers faster page load times, responsive design with cross-browser and multi-device support, improved search engine support, increased scalability and greater data integration capabilities.

While the immediate changes are great to see, the really exciting thing about the latest version is the capability that it gives us to deliver the future enhancements.

Digital Transformation

There is not a bank that we speak to that does not have some form of digital transformation initiative underway. There appears to be a general consensus within the market that the client service and digital experience that consumers take for granted these days is becoming a 'table stakes' requirement within corporate and institutional banking.

From a Fenergo perspective, we are investing heavily in helping to transform that digital experience for banking customers. Many of our clients will be familiar with the Client Connect digital channel initiative that is in place and in addition to this we have dedicated teams working on bringing the latest innovative technology capabilities to the product solutions to transform the client interaction

experience throughout the client lifecycle. We will be speaking much more about these initiatives in the coming year.

Design Community

Finally, I cannot let this update pass without talking about the support that we have received from the Fenergo client community.

As we have grown both the client community base and the Fenergo delivery capacity, I think we are really starting to see the true potential of what can be achieved by working together. The participation and support in the forums and design workshops this year across topics, including MiFID II, Group Onboarding, GDPR, FinCEN, 15a6, and many more has been wonderful to see, and we are very grateful for your support.

A key strategic investment in the Product Management area at the moment is in growing our capacity to greater serve and add value to this community and I am very excited about what we will be able to achieve in the months ahead.

Ultimately, we in the Fenergo Product Management area are here to help create an industry standard product solution that will transform your business. We will always welcome your input and involvement in the process and we look forward to working with you all in the coming months.



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