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Product Launches


Striving for client success, Fenergo is always pioneering to bring the latest innovations that will enhance quality and improve overall performance to our clients. This year has seen the launch of Digital Configuration Studio, Hierarchy Manager and Rules as a Services that will seamlessly assist clients with their organizational needs. Fenergo's R&D team also released the latest version of our CLM software that delivers powerful benefits - from regulatory compliance to user experience. 



Fenergo has launched Digital Configuration Studio, a low to no-code administration suite allowing end-users to easily configure and tailor Fenergo's CLM solution to suit their organizational needs, their technology and their environment. 

Designed in direct response from client feedback, this user-friendly administration console that can be maintained without the need for advanced programmer skills, enhancing self-sufficiency of FIs. Read More


Fenergo also released Rules-as-a-Service, a cloud-based regulatory rules offering. The unique plug-and-play cloud solution enables financial institutions to easily integrate Fenergo’s award winning regulatory rules capabilities into their existing digital platforms. It is available as an on-demand repository of local and global rules for financial institutions seeking a digital solution for their jurisdictional and KYC and AML regulatory requirements. Read More


 Hierarchy Manager, a sophisticated counterparty hierarchy modeling and visualization tool designed to streamline AML screening was launched in early 2019.  It provides financial institutions with a single, aggregated view of hierarchy relationships, associations and ultimate beneficial ownerships (UBOs) via interactive analytics and dashboards. The ability to identify UBOs in a matter of minutes helps compliance professionals proactively track complex inter-relationships for continuous lifecycle compliance. Read More


Fenergo’s R&D team launched of version 8.6, our biggest and most feature-rich software release yet. The additional features and functionality significantly bolster our CLM offering meeting our clients’ specific requirements.

Key functional highlights include:

  • Regulation: V8.6 includes a mix of new regulations and refresh of older ones. The regulatory changes include Margin, MAS OTC, HKMA OTC, ASIC OTC, Dodd Frank and EMIR.
  • Tax: The tax module has been completely refreshed in V8.6 and gives a much better baseline for tax content in demos and POCs. The changes include Preliminary Tax Assessment, CRS & US Tax Updates, GIIN & TIN Validation, Workflow Updates and Tax-related Party Management.
  • Hierarchy Manager:  The new Hierarchy Manager control is now available with a much-improved UI display
  • Screening: A complete updated to include match resolution directly through the Fenergo UI, in addition to new bulk screening capability and World Check One integration. This functionality is particularly important for opportunities with a strong KYC focus.
  • Rollback and Differences Screen: V8.6 gives a very strong demonstration capability of the differences between screen and rollback functionality.
  • Document Management: New ‘drag and drop’ functionality is now available for documents
  • Materiality: A new BRE framework for materiality checks on maintenance events, providing a BRE matrix capability that can be leveraged for dynamic workflow and STP decisions.




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