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Irish-run financial technology company Fenergo is to create 200 jobs in Dublin over the next 12 to 18 months. The company is based in the city's Docklands and the new roles will bring the company's total employment to 500.

The new positions are being supported by the Department of Jobs through Enterprise Ireland and include new jobs in software engineering, product management, consulting and marketing. Fenergo is owned by Irish investors and a New York private equity company. The company's clients include Bank of Montreal, UBS, BNY Mellon and Royal Bank of Scotland.

It has recently opened six new offices around the world, including New York, Boston, Sydney, Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

Fenergo's chief executive Marc Murphy said he is anticipating significant growth in the US, Europe and Asia.

"The demand for Fenergo's technology solutions is global and immediate, driven by regulatory change and banks' desires to be able to comply fully with new and enhanced regulations, whilst achieving operational cost efficiencies and delivering superior client experiences," Mr Murphy said.

"We anticipate continued significant growth across all of the regions we serve - Americas, Europe, UK, APAC and the Middle East - over the next 36 months," he added.

Mr Murphy also admitted the biggest challenge for the company will be getting the staff to fill the roles to fuel the expansion. 

Julie Sinnamon, CEO of Enterprise Ireland, said that Fenergo is fast becoming the industry standard for Client Lifecycle Management solutions for banks across the world and is a great example of an Irish Fintech company with global ambition. 

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