Our Community

At Fenergo, we believe in supporting the local communities in which our employees, clients, partners, investors and suppliers live and work.

Our Community

At Fenergo, we are committed to supporting the local communities in which our employees, clients, investors and suppliers/partners live and work. For 2016 Fenergo employees voted The LauraLynn Foundation and The Simon Community as the two charities we will work alongside. Fenergo employees have come up with some creative ways to support our charities. See below a snap shot of some of the fantastic work we have done to give back to the community;  

Dubln Simon Community; Stock the Shops Appeal

Fenergo employees generously donated gifts which resulted in us sending large boxes filled with clothing, toiletries, accessories and more to the Dublin Simon Community.

Dubln Simon Community; Stock Sorting Day

11 Fenergo employees spent a very successful day in the Simon Community warehouse sorting through clothes, toiletries, gifts and toys to get them ready to go into their shops, services or to the rough sleeper team so they can be distributed.

Jumper Days and Bake Sales

We have held Christmas jumper days and bake sales which seen employees donating their spare change to the Simon Community and The Lauralynn Foundation. These have been very successful events which saw huge generosity from all employees. Our cash donation was appreciated, especially around the Christmas period.

Fun Runs

Our weekly fitness class has allowed employees to get training for our 5k and 10k fun runs which we do in aid of our two supporting charities.

Charities We Work With 

Simon Community Logo

Dublin Simon Community, aim to prevent and address homelessness in Dublin. The Dublin Simon Community provide services at all stages of homelessness and enable people to move to a place they can call home. The main services Simon provide is Emergency and Outreach, Housing Services, Treatment and Recovery, Preventing Homelessness and Personal Development. At Fenergo we feel we can we can work together with Simon Community to make a difference to the people affected by homelessness. For Dublin Simon Community the support of the business community is vital to the work they do.


LauraLynn Logo LauraLynn is a hospice for children with life-limiting conditions and residential care for young adults with disabilities.  They employ approximately 80 staff within teaching, fundraising and care provision departments The history of their hospice has evolved over many years from its beginnings in 1925 as a convalescence home for children from the inner city, to the opening in 2011 of LauraLynn House, a dedicated 8 bed children’s palliative care unit. This award winning healthcare building and it’s everyday operations are funded by the generous support of their donors.


With two fantastic charities it is clear why Fenergo employees are extremely committed to making a difference, and may we continue to do so.                          

Regional Donations

Alongside our Charities of the Year, our regions also support more local projects and charities.

SVP Giving Tree Appeal

In an effort to spread a little Christmas cheer, Fenergo employees donated gifts to the St. Vincent de Paul Giving Tree Appeal. These gifts were then distributed by SVP to families in need, just in time for Christmas.

Ice Bucket Challenge

Fenergo employees in our Dublin Head office took part in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” with all donations going to the Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association (IMNDA).