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Our staff are our priority! We offer our employees careers, not just jobs. We do this by enabling them to develop their skills and by providing the tools and training they need to create the ideal career.

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Welcome to Fenergo's Learning & Development Page

What makes us different, besides being an award-winning company, industry leader, subject matter experts, and all round great place to work? You!

So how do we help You to make a difference to an award-winning company, industry leader, subject matter experts, and all round great place to work?

Through Learning and Development: Once you decide to invest your future in us, we invest in your future too!

Fenergo Learning & Development and TrainingLearning and Development Programme

Fenergo offers a wide range of Learning & Development programmes across all areas of our business. As part of your Induction programme, you will receive training right from the outset. There is a process of continuous development in place to help you learn and grow as you move along your journey with Fenergo.

No matter how long you are working in Fenergo, every staff member has a development plan tailored specifically to each individual. We want you to succeed!

Below are some of the exciting path we have in place:

Fenergo University

Every new staff member is inducted into the business and progresses through our Fenergo University. We provide Fenergo certification to all of our Fenergo University Graduates.

Click here to read more about Fenergo University

Ongoing Learning and Development

As part of Fenergo's commitment to you and your continuous imrpovement, we provide follow on training at week 6. This allows you to continuously learn on the job, using real life scenarios. Soft skills training is provided in tandem to enble you to grow as a person and feel more confident in your work.

Technical Hackathon

The Fenergo Hackathon is a great way for our technical staff to get together to solve problems using the latest technologies. It is typically a 3 day intense event where we set teams difficult challenges that advance the state of the art capabilities of the product that help solve client requirements.

Product Training Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is an energetic programme where our client facing consultants work together on a 3 day programme to solve typical client requests. It is a great way to understand our client, our product, and our business while learning by working with your peers and product experts on a wide range of activities. 

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