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Jenna McMahon

Jenna McMahon - Graduate

Position: Client Solutions Consultant
Area of Study: International Business and Languages (DCU)

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Jenna McMahonName: Jenna McMahon

Position: Client Solutions Consultant

What did you study? International Business and Languages (DCU)

What attracted you to Fenergo?
Fenergo is a top player in an extremely exciting industry. The company’s management team and staff boast a wealth of industry experience and are driving the company through exponential growth; these are exciting people to learn from. Furthermore, having studied International Business and Languages, a role in Fenergo presents me with the opportunity to travel as the business takes on new clients on a global scale.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
Every day is different and presents a new challenge. I have been given the unique opportunity, as a graduate, to work with a diverse array of teams, which has granted me exposure to almost all areas of the company. My core team is a small one, but the support structure and guidance they provide me with every day has enabled me to learn so much, so quickly.

How would you describe the culture at Fenergo?
Dynamic, innovative and supportive. Everybody has a 5 minute slot in their calendar for everybody. Your input is always heard and with the speed at which the business is expanding… You sense that you are a part of something special.

Your advice to graduates thinking about a career in Fenergo?
This is a chance to develop professionally as well as personally within a fast-paced, challenging environment. If you like working in teams, if you are passionate, driven and eager to learn, you’ll do well here. Don’t be concerned about your industry experience, there are fantastic mentors in Fenergo who understand what it means to have just left college. Rest assured that you will be granted exposure to as many areas of the business as it takes in order to discover where your stregths lie. Oh, and be a sponge.

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