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Cathal Burke

Cathal Burke

Position: Graduate Quality Analyst
Area of study: Computer Science

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Cathal Burke
Name: Cathal Burke

Position: Graduate Quality Analyst

What did you study? Computer Science

What attracted you to Fenergo?
When I was doing research on Fenergo before my first round interview the very first article I read was by the Irish Independent. The article was about how Fenergo was only five years old, has recently secured a €75m investment to further develop the business, and plans an IPO within three years . For a company that was only five years old and setting the global standard for Client Lifecycle Management solutions I felt this would be an excellent company to work for and build a solid career.

What do you enjoy most about your role?
The role essentially allows me to understand how the Fenergo product works. With this role you work alongside different professions on a daily basis such as Project Managers, Product Consultants, Software Developers, and Solution Architects. The role helps you understand the different stages involved in the Software Development Lifecycle. With this role the extensive knowledge you gain of the Fenergo product will help you in terms of career development.

How would you describe the culture at Fenergo?
People might think the culture here at Fenergo is hectic all the time, but to be honest, it’s actually quite laid back despite the fact were developing a complex product for complex clients who operate in a complicated environment. But don’t get me wrong the culture isn’t too laid back, after all we are setting the global standard for Client Lifecycle Management software solutions and helping financial institutions in every corner of the world.

Your advice to graduates thinking about a career in Fenergo?
Fenergo is an excellent company to work for and start your career. I consider myself lucky to be one of the first graduates to work for Fenergo. The company culture is laid back, you get to work with people who are good at what they do on a daily basis, and everyone at Fenergo is helpful no one will see you stuck. Fenergo allows you to gain experience in a variety of areas which will help you determine what area you wish to take your career. It’s a good feeling to think that employees for the biggest investment banks in the world will use a product you helped develop. There are a lot worse places to work for than Fenergo.

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