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We believe in recognizing excellent performance and rewarding staff for a job well done!

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EPIC Values

Our EPIC Values are the principles that guide the organisation's day-to-day decisions and are a defining component of our culture. They are the principals that guide our organization's internal conduct as well our relationships with the outside world.

E    - Effective (How we execute)
P    - Positive (Attitude and behaviours)
    - Informed (What we know, how we learn)
C    - Connected (Relationships, communications and growth)

Reward and recognition

This a big part of our culture, we have ongoing events within the business and for us a big part of it is just saying thank you to staff, letting them know they are appreciated.

Fenergo is dedicated to employee engagement & providing a healthy culture. We have monthly & quarterly event calendars such as 

  • Quarterly EPIC Employee Recognition Awards 
  • Monthly Service Awards which celebrates yearly work anniversaries for all staff
  • Monthly after Work Social Activities
  • Opportunity to take part in Fenergo’s CSR & Charity initiatives – link to Our Community CSR section

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