Our EPIC Values

"We put EPIC at the centre of everything we do at Fenergo, we want our people to be at the centre of that. EPIC people at Fenergo go very far."

Marc Murphy, CEO

Our EPIC Values are the principles that guide the organisation's day-to-day decisions and are a defining component of our culture. They are the principals that guide our organization's internal conduct as well our relationships with the outside world.

At Fenergo EPIC has become a core part of what we are, what we do and how we do it. At Fenergo, all employees are:

E - Excellence: Deliver quality and results
P - People: Value, nurture and support each other 
I -   Information: Grow and thrive by learning and sharing information
C - Clients: Ensure that our community of clients and stakeholders are successful 

Reward and Recognition

This a big part of our culture, we have ongoing events within the business. Fenergo is dedicated to employee engagement & providing a healthy culture. We have monthly & quarterly event calendars such as



  • Learn & Develop With Us

    Our staff is our priority, we offer people careers, not just jobs, and that means giving our people the opportunity to develop their skills.

  • Are You A Graduate Or An Intern?

    At Fenergo, there are many ways to kick-start your career with Fenergo’s Graduate programme, internship and work experience options.


"EPIC has become a core part of what we are, what we do and how we do it. As we have grown our values have evolved."

Colm Heffernan, COO 


  • What we do

    We provide Client Lifecycle Management software for banks, delivered through a shared cost approach to digital and regulatory technology transformation.

  • What is our mission?

    To bring the banking industry together to simplify and solve global regulatory and digital transformation challenges.

  • What is our vision?

    To be the global market leader in Client Lifecycle Management technology for banks

  • Fenergo people are:

    Connected and informed
    Client centric team players
    Committed to quality and success