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Keith McDonagh

Keith McDonagh

Position: .NET Developer

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Keith McDonaghName: Keith McDonagh

Position: .NET Developer

Describe your typical working day?
In Fenergo we work in an agile development environment. So in the morning we have a daily stand-up meeting. Here we talk about what work we did yesterday, what we plan on doing today and if we have any blockers to our current tasks. Depending on the stage of the project we are working on, our day could consist of analysis and design, development, client engagement, deployment or bug fixing. As we are a growing company, developers get to be involved with all of the above which allows us to gain great experience with the full development lifecycle.
What qualifications do you have/what is your previous work experience?
BSc in computer applications from DCU. I joined Fenergo straight after leaving DCU so it’s the only IT company I have worked for apart from an internship I did during college in SIG.
What is the best thing about your job?
Working with the latest technologies and learning from senior developers and architects on the best industry practices. Outside of the technical aspect, the people here in Fenergo are very friendly and help new people joining settle in really quickly.
And the biggest challenge?
One of the biggest challenges I faced when I joined was coming up with accurate estimates for tasks that were assigned to me. I found the more experience I got with our product the easier this became, and now with the company having grown so much in the last few years, this challenge for newcomers is a lot easier as there is always someone around who is willing to give advice.
What advice would you give someone considering applying for a job with Fenergo?

Working in Fenergo offers plenty of opportunities to grow and move up the ladder in a company which has high ambitions and that is looking to become a global leader in customer lifecycle management. If you are looking to work with the latest and most interesting technologies, and are willing to work hard, then Fenergo is a great platform for you to do this. 


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