Fenergo Services

We’re more than just your software provider. We’re your trusted partner, helping you to deliver successful implementations and reap real return on your Fenergo investment.

Fenergo Client-Engagement

At Fenergo, we understand that every financial institution has unique needs when it comes to implementing transformative technologies. Fenergo’s client-proven implementation process is designed to help you realize the benefits of Fenergo’s award-winning solutions as quickly as possible.

Choosing the right engagement model is critical for client success. 

That’s why we’ve created three tier model of engagement, enabling our clients to select the engagement model that best suits their needs and vision.

1. Fenergo-Led Engagement.

In a Fenergo-Led engagement, Fenergo draws on the experiences of 100+ successful client engagements and go-lives. In this engagement tier, Fenergo deploys the principles of agile and fuses this with our product and industry insights to ensure a smooth and successful delivery of digital Client Lifecycle & Journey Management technology solutions that create predictable outcomes for clients, reducing project risk. It can be deployed for more complex enterprise projects (e.g. to meet the needs of complex, multi-national, multi-business lines clients) or standard implementation projects (e.g. for clients that require minimal configuration through a straightforward implementation model).

2. Fenergo-Embed Engagement.

In this collaborative model, Fenergo clients and partners can embed Fenergo subject matter experts and other resources into their own delivery processes to accelerate business transformation and ensure they get as much out of their digital transformation investment as possible.

While not a Fenergo-led engagement, financial institutions can leverage the shared experiences and learnings that Fenergo has gained over the last 12 years from over 100+ client engagements. This level of engagement is uniquely designed to maximize value based on specific client requirements.

3. Fenergo-Lite Engagement.

With Fenergo-Lite engagement, our clients can engage Fenergo for projects that require a rapid approach to enable client transformation using common client onboarding processes focused on achieving increased operational efficiency and streamlined client experiences in your front to middle office operations. 

Fenergo-Lite engagement is offered to all clients who opt for an out-of-the-box implementation process, designed to deliver business transformation quickly and easily using pre-configured content and workflows, delivering ROI fast and efficiently. 

Our Partners

At Fenergo, we have invested in and built a strong and trusted network of partners in each region across the globe.