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Fenergo works with financial institutions of all sizes, spanning investment, corporate, commercial and private banks, to solve regulatory compliance, data and lifecycle management challenges.

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Investors Bank

Investors Bank will deploy Fenergo’s CLM solution across all 150 branches to digitalize account opening and reduce client onboarding timeframes from weeks to just days.

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PNC selected Fenergo to standardize processes company-wide, improve operational efficiencies, reduce cost and time to onboard, and ultimately improve customer experience.


Mizuho Bank is the integrated retail and corporate banking unit of Mizuho Financial Group, one of the largest financial services companies in Japan. Mizuho chose Fenergo to deliver a truly global operating model across client onboarding and KYC.

We partner closely with prospective clients to deliver a responsive and seamless approach to onboarding that sets the tone for the long-term client-bank relationship. Implementing Fenergo’s solutions helps us improve our service further by streamlining the client lifecycle journey, significantly reduce onboarding times, ensure compliance, and expedite client due diligence. It helps free up resources to focus on the high-touch client service that differentiates Mizuho Americas.

Greg Eickbush, Head of Capital Markets Operations, Mizuho Americas

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Fenergo provides Scotiabank client onboarding technology framework which automates client onboarding and KYC compliance across 32 countries. Fenergo also provides regulatory support for MiFID II, FATCA, Dodd-Frank, EMIR, HKMA and Canadian Derivatives, along with all in-country KYC and CDD requirements like FINRA, Volcker Rule and Patriot Act.

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RBC Capital Markets

In 2018 RBC Capital, a global investment bank, appointed Fenergo to digitalize AML/KYC processes, harmonize workflows and centralize client lifecycle management.

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Moody’s will implement Fenergo’s CLM to digitally transform client onboarding, enhance customer and employee experience while streamlining compliance across multiple jurisdictions including Hong Kong, Singapore and Brazil.

SMBC Nikko

SMBC Nikko Securities America, Inc. (Nikko America) provides financial products and services to global institutional clients. In 2016 SMBC Nikko Securities America, Inc. deployed Fenergo’s CLM solution to automate and streamline AML and KYC regulatory compliance processes while creating a single client view for increased operational efficiencies and optimized client experiences.

To learn more read the press release.

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State Street

Headquartered in North America, State Street is a large financial institution that provides a full range of products and services for large pools of investment assets in over 100 markets. The bank undertook a group-wide initiative to crentralize its KYC compliance function to serve multiple business units across different jurisdictions. This restructuring effort is underpinned by Fenergo’s KYC Compliance solution, which includes a client and counterparty data model, regulatory rules engine and catalogue, advanced case management and workflow engine, integrations with internal and third party data systems (e.g. World-Check). By consolidating the KYC function and all associated data and documentation, the group can benefit from greater regulatory compliance and control, significant operational efficiencies and costs savings, expedited time to revenue and improved client experience through faster onboarding.

Exos Financial

Exos Financial chose Fenergo’s CLM platform as part of its strategy to deliver highly efficient front-to-back office operations. Its goal was to find a solution which allowed staff across all departments to have a single view of the client negating the need to navigate from system to system. Fenergo’s API-first platform allows Exos to not only onboard new clients at pioneering speeds, but offer a more a seamless client journey thanks to its integration with customer relationship manager (CRM) applications such as Salesforce, entity data and screening providers such as Refinitiv.

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BMO Capital Markets

Fenergo provides BMO with CLM to streamline KYC compliance and optimize customer experiences. Fenergo was initially appointed by BMO Capital Markets in 2014 to enable the bank to meet global regulatory commitments and deliver on its operational efficiency vision. Find out more here.

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Truist (formerly SunTrust Robinson Humphrey)

Truist (formerly SunTrust Robinson Humphrey) implemented Fenergo’s CLM across its swap-dealer and institutional broker-dealer desks to enable it to centralize all client entity data and documentation for re-use across a range of regulatory frameworks. These include Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC), tax compliance regulations (FATCA and CRS) and OTC derivative rules (such as Dodd-Frank, Canadian derivative regulations, EMIR and MiFID II). Streamlining this process helps Truist to onboard new clients more efficiently and ensure compliance through regular, ad-hoc and event-triggered automated compliance refreshes. Read the press release here.

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Bank of China

In September 2018, Fenergo announced that Bank of China US Branches, subsidiaries of the fourth largest bank in the world, went live with its CLM platform. Fenergo provides Bank of China US Branches with an end-to-end client management solution enhancing its compliance framework, especially in the areas of KYC (Know Your Customer), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and Customer Due Diligence (CDD). Read the press release here.

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Banc of California

Bank of California is a commercial bank that serves the state of California with over 30 branches. The bank deployed Fenergo’s CLM solution to enhance client experience, improve efficiencies in client onboarding and accelerate time to revenue for the bank, all while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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BNY Mellon

BNY Mellon chose to deploy Fenergo’s CLM solution to deliver a fully digital end-to-end client journey from initial onboarding to account opening and ongoing lifecycle events.

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The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce selected Fenergo to deploy its full CLM solution in 2018.

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Hartree Partners

Hartree Partners, a global merchant commodities firm, selected Fenergo to standardize and consolidate counterparty data and replace manual elements of its regulatory process to increase efficiencies and improve client experiences. Establishing a centralized, digital onboarding solution, Fenergo will enable Hartree to better manage data, expedite its internal processes and provide quicker response times and resolutions to challenges. The efficiency gains will allow Hartree to focus resources on value-add activities, such as identifying opportunities in the supply chain and executing trading strategies.

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Fenergo and IBM signed an original equipment manufacturing (OEM) agreement that allows the companies to collaborate on solutions that can help clients better manage the multitude of financial risks they may face. The agreement enables IBM and Fenergo to create solutions that combine Fenergo’s CLM offering with IBM’s RegTech portfolio of anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-client (KYC) solutions, all built with Watson. As a result, IBM is able to offer companies a complete AI application suite that is focused on risk and compliance and helps clients fend off financial criminals and meet their intensifying regulatory requirements for disclosure.

Read the press release here or watch the webinar here.

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National Bank of Canada

NBC, a leading commercial bank in Canada, selected Fenergo’s CLM solution for its Financial Markets business.

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RBC Wealth Management

In 2020 RBC Wealth Management, part of the Royal Bank of Canada, selected Fenergo to deploy its CLM solution.

Anglo-Gulf Trade Bank

The world’s first digital trade finance bank, Anglo Gulf Trade Bank (AGTB), based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has chosen Fenergo to assist it in digitally transforming global trade financing. Fenergo will enable AGTB to meet its strategic objective to disrupt the trade finance market with a cloud-based, digital-first and client-centric model leveraging emerging technologies such as data analytics and API connectivity.

To learn more read the press release.

We created our bank in the knowledge that the needs of global trade banking businesses weren’t being addressed. To do this, we continue to work with vendors with product capabilities and configurability that help us achieve our goals. Fenergo ticks all the boxes.

Amit Garg, CEO, AGTB

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Danske Bank

Danske Bank will leverage Fenergo’s CLM solution to automate and streamline Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance processes across 15 jurisdictions while accelerating onboarding and optimizing client experiences.

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First Abu Dhabi Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank is the United Arab Emirate’s largest bank. FAB selected Fenergo to accelerate client onboarding, improve operational efficiencies and improve customer experience.

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In 2017, Fenergo signed an enterprise-level agreement with Natwest to implement its award-winning CLM platform across the global investment bank. The solution will allow Natwest to adhere to global regulatory compliance requirements throughout all client lifecycle events – from initial onboarding to ongoing reviews and account maintenance.

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Nomura, the global investment bank, joined the Fenergo client community in 2019. The bank had two major challenges: a lack of transparency from front to back office systems and the absence of a single client view. This made it difficult to understand the status of a client during the onboarding phase. With Fenergo’s CLM solution Nomura is achieving a seamless and integrated client view, which will drive efficiency and improve customer experience. In addition, Fenergo’s CLM for Salesforce seamlessly integrates with Nomura’s Salesforce CRM platform to create a truly unified client onboarding experience.

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UBS Asset Management

UBS Asset Management adopted Fenergo’s CLM solution as part of an initiative to replace existing manual KYC processes across eight business lines for regulatory certainty and enhanced client experiences. The centralization of client data forms a KYC backbone to enable UBS to achieve a single client view for traceability and to ultimately become Combined US Operations (CUSO) compliant. Fenergo enables UBS to adopt a risk-based approach to KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) by focusing resources on high risk cases while accelerating the onboarding of majority low-risk investors and distributors for faster time to revenue.

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Credit Suisse

In 2017 Credit Suisse, a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company founded and based in Switzerland, chose to implement Fenergo’s CLM solution to achieve fast, efficient and compliant client journeys.

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ICBC Standard Bank

ICBC Standard Bank is a the world’s largest bank by total assets and market capitalization with operations in London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, New York and Tokyo. The bank initially selected Fenergo’s award-winning CLM platform to ensure regulatory compliance with Swap Dealer regulatory requirements while digitalizing client onboarding and regulatory processes. Leveraging Fenergo’s CLM solution, ICBC Standard Bank benefits from a highly optimized process that ensures global compliance, improved operational efficiencies and enhanced client experiences. Read the press release here.

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BNP Paribas

In 2017, BNP Paribas selected Fenergo to support the bank’s global digital transformation project. Fenergo delivers a single client view across all jurisdictions and entities, enabling the bank to efficiently comply with all domestic and global regulatory rules and deliver an optimum customer experience. BNP Paribas chose Fenergo for its deep, out-of-the-box CLM functionality and regulatory expertise which was the ideal fit to the group’s modernized technology landscape. Read the press release here.

In 2019 Fenergo and Accenture co-developed a new KYC utility, One KYC, for BNP Paribas to help the global bank streamline and improve its client onboarding and recertification processes. One KYC acts as a centralized data repository that enables BNP Paribas to view legal entity data and documents across the entire BNP Paribas banking group globally. By providing a single client view, the utility enables quicker and more efficient onboarding of customers from different banks across the group, eliminating duplication and inefficiency and increasing transparency between banks operating within BNP Paribas’ global network.


ABN AMRO implemented Fenergo’s CLM solution across its commercial, corporate and institutional, private and retail banking divisions as part of a group-wide Know Your Customer (KYC) re-engineering initiative. ABN AMRO selected Fenergo to standardise the global KYC process and consolidate its technical landscape while streamlining and centralising global client due diligence (CDD) and KYC processes. Fenergo forms the KYC backbone across the enterprise, delivering a single client view that streamlines and automates KYC compliance, improves operational efficiencies and enhances the end-user experience.

For more information read the press release here.

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RBC Investor & Treasury Services

RBC Investor & Treasury Services appointed Fenergo to digitilize the end-to-end investor and client journey, enhance the end-user experience and streamline AML and KYC compliance processes.

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Fenergo has been selected by Aviva Investors, to replace manual Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) systems and services. Fenergo will work initially with Aviva Investors and later with Aviva UK Insurance, to rapidly onboard all legal entities associated with investors and clients across all jurisdictions, transforming the investor and client onboarding experience. Read the press release here.

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Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA)

Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A. (BBVA), Spain’s second largest bank, implemented Fenergo’s CLM platform to digitalize client onboarding and lifecycle management processes, and ensure regulatory compliance across its Corporate & Investment Banking division in several jurisdictions including Europe, USA, South America and Asia. Fenergo’s rules-driven solution enables BBVA to achieve a single client view for increased operational efficiencies and improved customer experiences while streamlining multi-jurisdictional compliance. Read the press release here.

Bahrain’s Electronic Network for Financial Transactions (BENEFIT)

Fenergo supports Bahrain’s Electronic Network for Financial Transactions (BENEFIT) in designing and implementing the world’s first national Know Your Customer (KYC) utility that incorporates blockchain technology. The utility platform will support sectors including retail and corporate banking, asset management as well as insurance and telecommunications in the future. Fenergo deployed the first phase of implementation in just four weeks.

Read the press release here.


In 2018, Natixis Corporate and Investment Banking deployed Fenergo’s CLM solution globally to standardise global KYC policy, improve client experiences and drive operational efficiencies. Natixis is the international corporate and investment banking, asset management, insurance and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest banking group in France. Read the press release here.

Our strategy is based around serving our clients’ needs, and our internal agility is central in this respect. By enhancing our processes through digital systems such as Fenergo’s CLM platform, we aim to provide the best possible experience, and ultimately the best possible financial solutions to our clients.

Marc Vincent, Global Head of Corporate & Investment Banking at Natixis

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UBS leverages Fenergo’s CLM solution across its global investment banking business. The solution automates and streamlines the bank’s KYC and global regulatory compliance processes throughout the client lifecycle journey, improving customer experience while future-proofing the bank against rising regulatory demands.

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Santander is one of the world’s biggest banks, ranking 15th on the list of Globally Systemically Important Banks (GSIB). In 2017, Santander Global Corporate Bank (SGCB) selected Fenergo’s CLM solution to streamline the end-to-end client lifecycle journey and create digital, frictionless client experiences. Read the press release here or watch the webinar here.

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PwC has been performing operational delivery services since 2017. PwC works with Fenergo to streamline KYC compliance for financial institutions, offering client onboarding and KYC review and refresh programs as managed services, complementing PwC’s existing AML and KYC remediation offerings.   Speaking on the partnership with Fenergo, Ian McConnell, PwC Partner, said: “PwC is always looking at ways to disrupt ourselves and our markets. Acquiring cutting-edge technologies that help our clients is one of the ways we’re doing that. Working with Fenergo will enable us to do KYC differently – complementing our regulatory knowledge, delivery capability, and experience with cloud-based CLM technology will increase the number of services that we can offer to financial institutions. For PwC and Fenergo, the future is one where financial services use the best people and digitally-enabled solutions to deliver the best customer journey. This collaboration makes that future, today.” Watch the webinar here or read more here.


Ebury, the best-in-class trade and foreign exchange facilitator for small and medium-sized companies, has deployed Fenergo’s CLM solution in a global expansion drive. Fenergo enables Ebury to automate and streamline regulatory compliance while accelerating client onboarding and time to revenue. Ebury is one of 20 new clients Fenergo has signed in 2020.

Find out more here.

The Fenergo deployment will enable us to strengthen our position as a digital-first cash management company and future-proof our business by reducing manual processes and delivering a faster and more effective digital customer onboarding process. As we continue to grow our global footprint it’s crucial that we have the ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience while ensuring we are compliant with complex global regulatory frameworks.

Juan Lobato, Founder and Co-CEO, Ebury

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Rabobank, part of the Fenergo client community, is a Dutch multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in Utrecht, Netherlands.

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Tricor, a Hong Kong-based corporate services company, has chosen Fenergo´s CLM software solution to transform customer experience, increase operational efficiencies and reduce cost, while ensuring regulatory compliance throughout the client lifecycle.

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Westpac Banking Corporation is an Australian bank and financial services provider headquartered in Sydney. The bank leverages Fenergo’s CLM software to deliver an optimal customer experience while increasing efficiencies across the onboarding value chain and associated business processes.

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Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a multinational bank with businesses across New Zealand, Asia, the United States and the United Kingdom. The bank selected Fenergo to digitalize the end-to-end client lifecycle journey, accelerate time to market, achieve cost savings and deliver an enhanced client experience.

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Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Bank implemented Fenergo’s CLM solution within its Corporate & Institutional and Business banking division.

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National Australia Bank

National Australia Bank is one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia in terms of market capitalisation, earnings and customers. NAB selected Fenergo to deploy a global solution for on-boarding customers across its corporate and institutional banking division.

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Australian and New Zealand Banking Group selected Fenergo in 2019 as part of a major digital transformation program.

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As part of its digital transformation strategy, Macquarie approached Fenergo to provide a single client view across all jurisdictions, business lines and products while streamlining Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) processes in 26 countries.

Fenergo is a leading provider of Client Lifecycle Management, AML/KYC Compliance and Client Data Management solutions.